Toyota Unveils Two Electric Concept Models Led By Hammerhead
Toyota Unveils Two Electric Concept Models Led By Hammerhead

Toyota Unveils Two Electric Concept Models Led By Hammerhead

Toyota unveils two electric concept models that reflect the brand’s new design tone.

The two concept models were unveiled at the Toyota European subsidiary’s annual event ‘Kenshiki ‘ at the end of last year and drew attention by applying Toyota’s latest hammerhead design.

Toyota unveils two electric concept models First, the Urban SUV concept, developed in the form of a compact SUV , has a body shape reminiscent of the Yaris Cross, a compact SUV currently being sold by Toyota.

In addition to the newly applied hammerhead design, the unique roof silhouette and details of the C- C-pillar are quite similar to the Yaris Cross. In addition, the details on the sides are also ‘common’.

According to Toyota’s explanation, the Urban SUV concept is an urban SUV concept with an overall length of 4,300 mm, a total width and height of 1,820 mm and 1,620 mm, respectively, and is equipped with front wheels and AWD. The Sports Crossover, with its sleek silhouette, boasts the charm of an urban compact crossover that has recently been popular, as well as its ‘high level of perfection’.

The hammerhead design and low, elongated body shape lead to expectations of more space and brisk driving performance based on a relatively low center of gravity.

It is also developed and produced in collaboration with BYD. Through this, it is reported that the company will target the European market with an ‘affordable electric vehicle’ by equipping it with an LFP battery package and reasonable packaging.

For reference, the sports crossover is a concept model unveiled with the same name at ‘Auto China 2023’ held in Shanghai last April, and has been refined into ‘Toyota’s latest design’.

Meanwhile, Toyota plans to unveil and launch six pure electric vehicles for the European market by 2026.

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