Kia ​​Niro 2024 Will Be Launched With Upgraded Configuration
Kia ​​Niro 2024 Will Be Launched With Upgraded Configuration

Kia ​​Niro 2024 Will Be Launched With Upgraded Configuration


A few days ago, Kia officially released its Kia ​​Niro 2024 model in North America. The official guide price starts at US$40,925, which is approximately RMB 298,900.

The starting price of the new Kia ​​Niro 2024 car has been increased compared to the old model, by at least US$150. However, Kia officials said that the configuration has also been improved. The specific upgraded configurations were not stated clearly, but it was revealed that the double-layer storage panel in the trunk has become Standard.

Kia ​​Niro 2024 Design.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the new Kia ​​Niro 2024 car adopts a design style similar to that of a fuel vehicle. The flat grille is closed inside and is decorated with a three-dimensional black decorative panel. Flat daytime running lights are also integrated on both sides. The visual sense of unity is relatively strong; the high and low beams are rough in shape, with lenses and turn signal strips integrated inside, so the style is not cheap.

Kia ​​Niro EV 2024 Design.

The lower enclosure adopts a large-mouth air intake design, which has a strong visual impact; the interior is decorated with black honeycomb panels, and the front lip is equipped with a chrome strip, highlighting the sense of class.

Kia ​​Niro EV 2024 Design.

In terms of side shape, the roof has an obvious curvature and is equipped with shark fins and luggage racks, which bring a certain sporty atmosphere; the C-pillar is designed with a guide groove and is equipped with a gray trim panel, creating a suspended roof. The shape and style appear more individual; the wheel eyebrows and side skirts are also equipped with thick black decorative panels, which bring a stronger sense of strength; the wheels adopt a five-spoke petal shape, which brings a more fashionable visual effect.

Kia ​​Niro EV 2024 Design.

In terms of rear styling, the roof is equipped with a small spoiler. The blackened taillights adopt a vertical layout and are located on both sides of the tail window. They are very recognizable when lit. The trapezoidal license plate area adopts a recessed design. It embellishes the three-dimensional effect of the rear of the car; the lower enclosure part is equipped with a thick black trim panel and has a relatively strong three-dimensional effect.

In terms of the interior, the overall layout is relatively simple, providing a double-width multi-function steering wheel, a through-type dual screen, and a knob-type electronic gear knob. It is a relatively popular design style at present, and the sense of technology is relatively well-established.

Kia ​​Niro 2024 Power.

In terms of power, the new Kia ​​Niro 2024 car adopts a front-mounted single-motor design with a maximum power of 201 horsepower. It is matched with a 64.8 kWh battery pack and has a cruising range of up to 407 km under EPA conditions.

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