Audi Wins 2024 Dakar Rally With RS Q E-Tron
Audi Wins 2024 Dakar Rally With RS Q E-Tron

Audi Wins 2024 Dakar Rally With RS Q E-Tron

Audi wins 2024 Dakar Rally with the Audi‘RS Q e-tron’ equipped with an electric power system.

Audi won its first victory in the Dakar Rally, the harshest desert rally. In particular, it added meaning by featuring the Audi RS Q e-tron, a low-emission prototype equipped with an electric drive, high-voltage battery, and energy converter.

According to Audi on the 24th, the Spanish team of Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz drove 7,883 km over 8 days and succeeded in finishing 1 hour and 20 minutes ahead of the BRX team’s Sebastien Löw and Fabien Lurquin, achieving Audi’s first Dakar victory.

The RS Q e-tron is an electric front-wheel drive car. Energy is supplied using a high-voltage battery and an energy converter that operates on residual fuel-based refuel, emitting approximately 60% less carbon dioxide than conventional fuel.

Audi gained attention in rallies in the 1980s with its quattro four-wheel drive, and has since won numerous championships and titles on circuits. In particular, technologies such as the TFSI drive system, electric e-tron quattro all-wheel drive, LED matrix lights, and Audi laser lights were completed through motorsports.

“Audi has achieved another milestone in motorsport,” said Audi CEO Gernot Djöllner. “Winning the world’s harshest desert rally with an electric drive proves ‘progress through technology’ and opens the door to an electrified future.” “It means that we must continue to move toward it,” he said.

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