Hyundai Motors To Sell Used Electric Vehicles Starting Next Month
Hyundai Motors To Sell Used Electric Vehicles Starting Next Month

Hyundai Motors To Sell Used Electric Vehicles Starting Next Month

Hyundai Motor Company is expanding its business by adding electric vehicles to the ‘certified used cars’ it will Sell Used Electric Starting in March. A total of 1,000 units sold in the first 100 days of launch of ‘Certified Used Cars’… business expansion.

According to Hyundai Motor Company on the 4th, Hyundai Motor Company’s certified used car business celebrated its 100th day on the 1st.

A total of 1,057 vehicles were sold through Hyundai Motor Company’s certified used car business over 100 days. Including the volume auctioned off because it did not meet the certification standards and vehicles from other brands purchased from consumers and then resold, the number is 1,555.

By car type, Grandeur was the largest with 181 units, followed by Santa Fe (89 units) and Palisade (81 units). For the Genesis brand, there were 128 G80 units and 92 GV70 units.

Hyundai Motor Company will add electric vehicles to its sales lineup starting in March. Vehicle purchases are also carried out. The product line will be expanded to include electric vehicles based on dedicated platforms such as the IONIQ 5·6 and GV60, as well as electrified models including the Kona Electric.

Hyundai Motor Company explained that it is working with the Hyundai Motor Group Technology Research Center to develop a certification plan for used electric vehicles in order to alleviate consumer anxiety about batteries. A certified used car center will also be established in the metropolitan area. So far, certified used car centers have been operated in only two locations nationwide (Yangsan, Gyeongnam and Yongin, Gyeonggi).

Hyundai Motor Company plans to sell a total of 15,000 used cars this year by securing a variety of items and expanding the warranty period.

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