BYD Qin L Exposed Photos: Positioned As A Mid-Sized Sedan, Fuel Consumption
BYD Qin L Exposed Photos: Positioned As A Mid-Sized Sedan, Fuel Consumption

BYD Qin L Exposed Photos: Positioned As A Mid-Sized Sedan, Fuel Consumption

BYD Qin L exposed “spy photos”: Positioned as a mid-sized sedan, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 3.8-3.98 liters.

IT House reported on January 19th that blogger @SugarDesign tonight released a set of “official spy photos” of BYD’s new model Qin L: the vehicle is still covered with camouflage stickers, and it looks like it is half-covered; But neither the sticker shape nor the composition looks like an “accidental” photo.


Judging from the appearance, the new car is larger than the existing Qin PLUS model, and the entire body is quite slender. The camouflage stickers covered by the car are full of the words DM-i. Combined with IT House’s report some time ago, blogger @yanzhao女driver_ZIFAN once said that the new car is expected to be positioned as a mid-sized sedan, with a size between Qin and Han, with two options of DM and EV in terms of power, and the starting price may be It will be around 1950 United States Dollar to 21000 and is expected to be launched in the first quarter.

BYD Qin L Exposed Spec:

The new car is equipped with a large air intake grille with C-shaped air ducts on both sides, which is more dynamic than the Qin PLUS model. As for the rear, the rear of the car is relatively full, and through-type taillights can also be seen.

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Qin L is equipped with an engine with a displacement of, 1498ml. As a reference, the Qin PLUS DM-I engine has a maximum power of 110 horsepower and a peak torque of 135 Nm; it accelerates from 0 to 100 mph (ca. 161 kilometers per hour) in 7.3 seconds.

In terms of energy consumption, the car provides two pure electric cruising ranges of 60 km and 90 km, with corresponding battery capacities of 10.08 kWh and 15.874 kWh respectively, and fuel consumption per 100 kilometers (power loss) of 3.8L and 3.98L respectively.

Judging from fuel consumption data, BYD Qin L is lower than Qin PLUS. It is expected to be equipped with the fifth-generation DM-I hybrid system, and adopt a new hybrid-specific chassis code-named “P5”, as well as a MacPherson strut front and rear Four-link independent suspension.

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