2024 Lotus Evija Price Design Spec & Performance
2024 Lotus Evija Price Design Spec & Performance

2024 Lotus Evija Price Design Spec & Performance


2024 Lotus Evija Like most hypercars, the Lotus Evora—pronounced eh-VIE’-ya—is a rare sight. Unlike most hypercars, the Evija has four electric motors that produce around 2000 horsepower (1972 to be exact). That powertrain alone makes it the wildest Lotus ever made. When it was first released in 2019, the company said it would only make 130 of them, and they’ve all been scooped up by people who could afford its $2 million-plus asking price. That kind of money buys a machine that its maker estimates can blast from 186 mph in 9 seconds to a claimed top speed of more than 200 mph.

2024 Lotus Evija

This will stretch your neck muscles. Lotus maintains its mantra of “add lightness” with the 2024 Lotus Evija, which comes in at around 3700 pounds, according to the company — svelte for a mega-powerful EV. Despite claims of its electric power source and a battery that can reach an 80 percent state-of-charge in 12 minutes, it has an old-school hydraulic steering system that gives the Ibiza extra touch feel on the track. It’s a shame that so few people will get to experience this over-the-top hyper machine.

What’s new for 2024?

Although the entire production run of the Evija is sold out, Lotus says some 2024 models still need to be built and delivered. There is no change from the previous model year though.

2024 Lotus Evija Price

Prices for the 2024 Lotus Evija are expected to start around $2,300,000.

2024 Lotus Evija Exterior Design

In terms of appearance, the new 2024 Lotus Evija car adopts Lotus’ new and more dynamic design language. The front face has a more radical closed front grille, highlighting a stronger fighting atmosphere. The vertical strips of headlights on both sides show its uniqueness. The lower three-section exaggerated air intake makes it look very wild. In addition, the entire body color is specially painted in black gold and embellished with gold trim to highlight its unique identity.


The low body, large fastback tail design, hidden door handles, and oversized air guides on the front fenders give the vehicle a lower drag coefficient.


It is worth noting that the new car has golden Emerson Fittipaldi lettering on the lower part of the rear windows on both sides. It is a limited edition model created to commemorate Emerson Fittipaldi, Brazil’s first F1 annual championship driver.

Emerson Fittipaldi teamed up with the Lotus-Ford F1 team and won the driver and team championship in the 1972 season. Fittipaldi also set a record at the age of 25. The record for the young F1 driver’s championship of the year was broken by Spanish driver Fernando Alonso in 2005.


The concave and convex tail design looks very layered. The semi-arc triangular taillight set with recessed design on both sides is very eye-catching when lit. The recess in the middle is inlaid with the word LOTUS to highlight its identity. The oversized rear wing at the top, the exaggerated air intake at the bottom, and the air intakes inside the triangular light rings on both sides of the middle are all designed to reduce. The wind resistance of the car, provide downforce for the entire vehicle, and bring about faster acceleration.

2024 Lotus Evija Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

In terms of interior, a large amount of carbon fiber material design can make the entire vehicle lightweight. The black and gold color scheme + gold embellishments echo the body color scheme. The center console only has a floating full LCD instrument panel to control the design layout of the entire center control.


In addition, the two-spoke square multi-function steering wheel is more avant-garde. In addition, the words Emerson Fittipaldi are also added to the dashboard.

2024 Lotus Evija EV Motor, Power, and Performance


In terms of power, the new 2024 Lotus Evija car will be equipped with the highest-power four-motor four-wheel drive system and a 70kWh battery pack. It can accelerate from 0-100km/h in less than 3 seconds and has a cruising range of 400km under WLTP conditions. It also supports 800V overcharging, and it only takes 18 minutes to charge from 0% to 100% using the 350kW fast charging mode. Follow us to learn more about new cars.

2024 Lotus Evija Range, charging and battery life


EVs usually require you to wait a long time for the battery to charge. Ibiza is different. It’s equipped with technology designed to make charging the battery almost as fast as getting a fill-up at the gas pump. The car takes just 12 minutes for an 80 percent charge and just 18 minutes for a full charge. Lotus says it expects its hypercar to deliver a 250-mile driving range in the European WLPT test, which is more optimistic than the EPA range test we see on this side of the Atlantic.

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