2026 VinFast VF3 Price Design Spec and Performance
2026 VinFast VF3 Price Design Spec and Performance

2026 VinFast VF3 Price Design Spec and Performance


A cheap, boxy electric hatchback is reportedly coming to the VinFast lineup as the 2026 VinFast VF3. Its sleek looks make it look like a shrunken-down SUV, but the VF3 handles like a truck as a diminutive hatchback. No word yet on how many electric motors it will have or what size battery will be on board, but Vinfast says we can expect a range of around 125 miles per charge.

It’s not much of a driving force in the Charge, but it’s the VF3’s starting price that will likely make buyers more interested. Vinfast says it’s targeting a starting price under $20,000 for its small hatchback, which would make it the least expensive EV on the market if the company could pull it off. Just don’t expect to fit your entire family inside.

2026 VinFast VF3

There are four seats, but we think the backs are quite cramped. The 2026 VinFast VF3 concept sports a simple interior with a 10.0-inch screen behind the steering wheel for gauges and infotainment. The 2026 VinFast VF3 is cramped, so expect to rub elbows with your passenger. As we learn more about 2026 VinFast VF3, we’ll update this story with details.

What’s new for 2026?

If the VF3 does indeed make it to the US, it will compete with other small EVs such as the Fiat 500e and Mini Cooper Electric. The company hasn’t set an estimated timeline for the car’s launch, but we don’t expect to see it until at least the 2026 model year.

2026 VinFast VF3 Price

Prices for the 2026 VinFast VF3 are expected to start around $20,000.

2026 VinFast VF3 Exterior Design

In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car adopts family-style design elements, with a black rectangular air intake grille, a mesh grille and a polygonal headlight set. There is a V-shaped LOGO in the middle, and silver decorative strips on both sides are connected to the headlight set. , the front bumper is decorated with a thick and convex black plaque, which extends to both sides and integrates with the body surround. The middle part of the hood is raised, adding to the tough characteristics of the vehicle.

2026 VinFast VF3 Exterior Design

The side shape of the body is square, with convex front and rear wheel eyebrows. It is equipped with 16-inch black five-spoke wheels. The A-pillar is blackened, and a black decoration is added in the middle of the C-pillar to create the effect of a suspended roof. The body color is bright yellow. The roof is painted in white, highlighting the fashion of the contrasting roof.

2026 VinFast VF3 Exterior Design

At the rear of the car, the roof is equipped with a spoiler, and the taillights are also in a polygonal style, connected by a black trim panel in the middle. The LOGO echoes the front of the car. The sides are also decorated with silver trim strips, the rear bumper is prominent, and the black trim panel is wide.

2026 VinFast VF3 Exterior Design

The new car is positioned as a small SUV. Although it is not equipped with a roof rack, the wide black surround and high ground clearance still provide the wildness of an off-road model. The length of the new car is 3114 mm, and it adopts a three-door and four-seater layout. In terms of size, it is smaller than Baojun Yue. The wheelbase is expected to be about 2 meters, and the second row space will not be very generous.

2026 VinFast VF3 Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

In terms of interior, although the interior of 2026 VinFast VF3 has not been shown to the outside world, according to some configuration information provided by Vinfast, we can get a glimpse of its sense of technology and practicality. The 10-inch multimedia screen equipped on the center console will provide rich entertainment and navigation functions, and also support mobile phone interconnection to meet the needs of modern consumers for smart travel. In addition, the second-row seat backrests of 2026 VinFast VF3 can be folded down, and the maximum trunk storage volume after folding down is 550 liters, providing sufficient storage space for daily travel.

2026 VinFast VF3 EV Motor, Power, and Performance

In terms of power performance, VinFast officials have not announced the relevant performance data and transmission system details of the 2026 VinFast VF3. But this small SUV will be available in two models in the Vietnamese market, namely Eco and Plus, each model is equipped with a set of electric motors. It is said that under EPA testing standards, the cruising range is about 125 miles, which already meets the daily use needs of most consumers in Vietnam. So far, VinFast’s products have seven different levels of vehicles, including VF 5 Plus, VF e34, VF 6, VF 7, VF 8 and VF 9, and are gradually accelerating the pace of electrification.

2026 VinFast VF3 Range, charging and battery life

Vinfast didn’t say much about what will power the2026 VinFast VF3, but it did say it’s targeting a 125-mile driving range. That would put it in close alignment with the 500e, for which Fiat claims a 149-mile range. When we know more about the VF3’s powertrain and range, we’ll update this story with details.

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