2026 Vinfast VF Wild Universal EV Pickup Truck
2026 Vinfast VF Wild Universal EV Pickup Truck

2026 Vinfast VF Wild Universal EV Pickup Truck


Recently, at the 2024 CES exhibition, Vietnam’s new car-making force VinFast brought the VinFast Wild pickup truck concept car. Objectively speaking, the new car has a good concept in terms of design, but this Vietnamese brand could not build more conventional models before. This way I really don’t have confidence that a novel and avant-garde electric pickup truck concept car will finally be put into practice.

2026 VinFast VF Wild Universal EV pickup truck.
Photo by VinFast

What’s New for 2026 Vinfast VF Wild?

In 2026, VinFast is set to launch the 2026 VinFast VF Wild, marking the brand’s debut into the pickup truck.

Photo by VinFast

2026 VinFast VF Wild Price

The all-new model 2026 VinFast VF Wild is anticipated to have a starting price of approximately $45,000.

2026 Vinfast VF Wild Exterior, Color, and Shape

In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car has a through-type light strip to complete the 2026 VinFast VF Wild family style. The high and low beam lights are hidden under the thick horizontal light strip, showing a good sense of technology.

Photo by VinFast

The nose part is divided into upper, middle and lower sections. The three layers are covered with panels of the same color as the body, with through-type black decoration and additional silver-gray guards. An exposed tow hook is added to show the hardcore identity. There is an additional black area on the front hood to supplement it. It is visually integrated with the front windshield, further enhancing the sense of design.

Photo by VinFast

On the side of the body, the new car has a streamlined and sporty shape. The official claims that it is inspired by the superhero’s cape. It is indeed quite dynamic. The narrow windows, frameless doors, hidden door handles, virtual rearview mirrors and other elements are all unique. Will be absent, the A-pillar and C-pillar also have a unique suspended layout, especially the latter with the V-shaped car logo and special splicing, which looks quite avant-garde. The plastic guard panel at the bottom of the car body also has an irregular shape, which is organically combined with the waistline, making it look more fashionable. The large-size wheel hub style is quite individual, adding a sense of avant-garde.

Photo by VinFast

At the rear of the car, there is a through-type taillight on the trunk door. The purely horizontal shape is rare among pickup trucks. The tailgate has a black layout and is integrated with the decorative strips extending from the side of the car. A silver guard is added to the rear bumper, which further enhances the character and thickness.

Photo by VinFast

2026 Vinfast VF Wild Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

In the interior, the new car uses a dual-screen system consisting of a suspended LCD screen deflected toward the driver and a narrow-strip LCD instrument panel in the front row. There is also an additional screen on the passenger side that can display simple information, which can be seen everywhere.

Photo by VinFast

Atmospheric light strips, special handle decorations, push-button shifting mechanisms, suspended armrest box front area and other elements will not be missing. The sunroof is divided into multiple sections, and the front seats also have hanging entertainment screens for the rear seats. Placing passengers in rows to enhance the entertainment experience is quite thoughtful.

Photo by VinFast
Photo by VinFast

The rear seats can be folded down completely flat to form a floor-to-ceiling layout to increase the storage performance of the rear bucket, and it is full of attributes in all aspects. There is no news about power, because this part returns to the traditional weakness of the VinFast brand. The official only claims that the car will be launched in 2026, which is two years later. Given the current situation of the brand, you can’t tell two years. What will happen next and how it will perform, we can only wait and see.

2026 Vinfast VF Wild EV Motor, Charging and Battery Life.

No details about the powertrain or battery have been announced, but if the 2026 VinFast VF Wild is able to achieve production, the car will be equipped with a dual-motor, all-wheel drive system and a range of at least 250 miles. VinFast has announced that this pickup truck adopts a mid-cargo compartment design that can be connected to the cargo compartment by opening the compartment to expand the truck’s cargo capacity.

With 2026 VinFast VF Wild accelerating its product launch in the US, there’s a chance we’ll see VF Wild soon. If it makes it beyond the concept stage into dealer showrooms, it will face a tough challenge against competitors including the Rivian R1T and the upcoming Fisker Alaska , both of which have similar mid-door designs and dimensions.

Large electric pickup trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning, Chevrolet Silverado EV and Tesla Cybertruck are unlikely to feel any pressure. Therefore, when VinFast enters the electric vehicle truck competition, it should appear with a more attractive price and good practicality to attract consumers who cannot purchase a full-size electric vehicle truck.

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