The World's Largest Endurance Race '24 Hour Series' Opens
The World's Largest Endurance Race '24 Hour Series' Opens

The World’s Largest Endurance Race ’24 Hour Series’ Opens

Hankook Tire & Technology exclusively supplies racing tires. The 2024 season opener ‘Korea 6H Abu Dhabi’ of the world’s largest endurance race ’24 Hour Series’ will be held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), on the 20th and 21st (local time). It was announced on the 19th that it would be done.

The World’s Largest Race ’24 Hour Series’ Opens

Hankook Tire has been the official title sponsor of the 24 Hour Series since 2015 and has exclusively supplied high-performance racing tires optimized for endurance racing. All vehicles participating in the competition will be equipped with Hankook Tire’s ‘Ventus’ racing tires, and the official name ’24H Series Powered by Hankook’ will be used in all competitions.

This season, global premium supercars such as ‘Porsche 991’, ‘Lamborghini Huracan’, ‘BMW M4 GT3’, ‘Mercedes-AMG GT3’, ‘Audi R8’, and ‘McLaren 720S GT3 Evo’ equipped with Hankook tires will be on sale 24 hours a day. They plan to compete in an extreme race by driving on a difficult circuit without stopping.

Yas Marina Circuit, where the race is held, is a landmark in Abu Dhabi where the Formula One (F1) competition is held. It is a circuit with a total length of 5.281km, consisting of several fast straight sections and 20 curved courses, requiring excellent tire traction and handling performance due to hot weather with a daily maximum temperature of close to 30℃, harsh sandstorms, and sharp corner sections.

Hankook Tire plans to support perfect racing performance by unveiling the 4th generation ‘Ventus F200’, which is a product of top-level racing tire technology, at this competition. The company explained that the new ‘Ventus F200’ was created based on the technology acquired through sponsorship of competitions, and that tire performance, including traction, has been improved to the next level by applying the latest racing compound. Tire weight has been reduced by about 10% compared to the 3rd generation.

The 2024 season 24 Hour Series will be held over a total of 7 rounds in 5 countries around the world, including Italy, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain, starting with the opening match in the United Arab Emirates.

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