Federal Government Orders recall of Kia Motors Following Hyundai Motors in 2024
Federal Government Orders recall of Kia Motors Following Hyundai Motors in 2024

Federal Government Orders recall of Kia Motors Following Hyundai Motors in 2024

There was a large-scale Federal Government Orders recall of Hyundai Motor Group vehicles in North America last year due to fire risks, and another large-scale recall occurred in Canada this year.

The Federal Ministry of Transportation, Federal Government Orders recall of 10,757 Kia Motors as of August 1.

The vehicles subject to Federal Government Orders recall are the Kia Seltos 2023 and 2024 models, the SOUL 2023 model, and the SPORTAGE 2023 model.

  • Three models including the 2023 Seltos, Soul, and Sportage
  • are at risk of overheating due to an electronic oil pump circuit board issue.
  • Five Hyundai vehicle models were recalled for the same reason on July 27.

The Department of Transportation said in some vehicles, the circuit board inside the electronic oil pump for the transmission was damaged. This can cause a short circuit and overheating in the circuit board. As a result, there may be a risk of vehicle fire. Kia Canada plans to send an email to the owners of the vehicles in question, informing them to check at the dealer shop for any abnormalities in the electronic oil pump assembly. If necessary, the part can be replaced. Kia advises owners of affected vehicles to park their vehicles outdoors and away from other vehicles and buildings until the recall repairs are completed.

Kia’s website to find out if your vehicle is subject to Federal Government Orders recall is https://www.kia.ca/en/owners/recalls?SOURCEID=OLD-NAV. In addition to the Kia brand, the Ministry of Transportation already issued Federal Government Orders recall order on July 27 for four models from the Hyundai brand, including the 2023 and 2024 Palisade models, the 2023 Tucson model, the 2023 Elantra model, and the 2023 Kona model. Reuters reported on the 3rd (local time) that Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors are recalling over 91,000 units of eight car models sold in the United States after a fire hazard was discovered.

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