Tesla Unveils Wireless Home Charger; A-Share Companies Join the Race
Tesla Unveils Wireless Home Charger; A-Share Companies Join the Race

Tesla Unveils Wireless Home Charger; A-Share Companies Join the Race

Earlier this year, Tesla hinted that it would develop Wireless Home Charger products for electric vehicles. Now, this information has been confirmed. On December 19, according to technology media reports, Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen confirmed to the media that “Tesla is developing inductive charging technology, which does not require plugging anything in, just drive the car into the garage. Charging starts automatically on the charging pad.” Although the details have not yet been disclosed, it is undoubtedly of great significance for Tesla to officially take this step.

With the advancement of the global Wireless Home Charger market, the scale of my country’s wireless charging market is also increasing. According to agency data, the market size of my country’s wireless charging industry will reach approximately 6 billion yuan in 2021, and the market size will reach approximately 8.6 billion yuan in 2022. The average annual compound growth rate in the next five years (2024-2028) will be approximately 29.25%.

On the company side, some domestic manufacturers have actively entered the new energy vehicle Wireless Home Charger system business by relying on the industrial chain advantages accumulated in mobile phone wireless charging. Wanan Technology entered the field of wireless charging for electric vehicles earlier and is developing third-generation wireless charging products. The current wireless charging efficiency is about 92%.

Its main cooperative customers are FAW Hongqi, BAIC New Energy, Ford Motor, etc. Anjie Wireless, a subsidiary of Anjie Technology, is currently continuously improving and improving high-power wireless charging system technology for new energy vehicles, while cooperating with customers in pre-research projects. Xinwei Communication’s Wireless Home Charger, car antennas, UWB modules and other products have been supplied to automotive customers to facilitate the intelligent development of cars. Other A-share companies involved in wireless charging include more than ten companies such as Shuobed, Meixinsheng, Aohai Technology, Xinwei Communications, and China Electronics Xingfa. (Data treasure)

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