Top Gear's Best Car of the Year, Hyundai, & Kia Electric Cars Won The Award!
Top Gear's Best Car of the Year, Hyundai, & Kia Electric Cars Won The Award!

Top Gear’s Best Car of the Year, Hyundai, & Kia Electric Cars Won The Award!

Hyundai Motor Group said on the 30th that at the “2023 Awards” hosted by TopGear, a well-known British automotive professional media, Hyundai Motor IONIQ 5N won the “Car of the Year” and the Kia EV9 won the “Family Car of the Year” “(Family Car of the Year).

Car of the Year “IONIQ 5N”.

IONIQ 5N was named the best car of the year. It is the first high-performance electric car of the N brand. It is also a high-performance electric car that uses Hyundai’s cutting-edge electrification technology to improve driving performance to the limit.

Car of the Year "IONIQ 5N".

Hyundai Motor’s IONIQ5N reflects the highest level of technology accumulated in the past and the experience gained from participating in motor sports competitions, providing driving pleasure and driving sensitivity that remain unchanged in the era of electrification, and opening up a new field of high-performance electric vehicles. It points the way for the development of high-performance electric vehicles!

Paul Horrell, TopGear Car of the Year judge, said: “It’s impressive how much Hyundai has tried to convey the driving sensibilities of an internal combustion engine vehicle with the IONIQ 5N. The IONIQ 5N delivers superior driving performance and a different level of driving pleasure. It is an example of opening up new frontiers in the era of electric vehicles.”

IONIQ5N is based on a high-performance four-wheel drive system. It has a maximum power of 478kW (650 horsepower, subject to Boost mode) and a maximum torque of 770Nm (78.5kgf·m, subject to Boost mode) for the front and rear wheels. It adopts 84.0kWh It has a high-power battery and is equipped with N-specific technologies such as Ne-Shift and N Active Sound+.

Family Car of the Year “Kia EV9”.

Kia EV9 was named Family Car of the Year. It is Kia’s second dedicated electric vehicle model based on E-GMP. It is Kia’s flagship electric SUV that plays a core role in becoming a leading global electrification brand.

Family Car of the Year "Kia EV9".

Ollie Kew, deputy editor-in-chief of Top Gear, said: “EV9 has a variety of storage spaces and comfortable seats, including long battery life. It has received good reviews as a family car, and environmentally friendly materials are also widely used in EV9.”

Following the EV6, Kia will start selling the EV9 in the European market from November this year, and plans to strengthen its brand position in the era of electrification.

EV9 is a model that proposes the standard for large SUVs using a dedicated electrification platform. It is equipped with a 99.8 kWh large-capacity battery and can travel 501 kilometers on a single charge. (Based on 19-inch wheel 2WD model)

An official from Hyundai Motor Group said in his acceptance speech: “It is an honor to receive two awards from the world’s leading automotive professional media. In the fiercely competitive global electric vehicle market, Hyundai Motor and Kia’s electrified models have been recognized for their technical capabilities. meaningful results.”

Last year, Hyundai Motor Group won the Hyundai N Vision74 Instant Icon Award and Kia’s Manufacturer of the Year at the Top Gear Awards.

In addition, BBC Top Gear Magazine was founded in 1993. It is one of the four major automotive special magazines in the UK and is an authoritative automotive media that provides comparative reviews of new cars and competitive models, test drives, and vehicle purchase information for ordinary consumers.

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