New Honda Prologue Makes Its Debut: Is It Over Before It Even Begins
New Honda Prologue Makes Its Debut: Is It Over Before It Even Begins

New Honda Prologue Makes Its Debut: Is It Over Before It Even Begins


Honda Motor released a new SUV model, the Honda Prologue. The 2023 Tokyo Motor Show has opened in full swing. Apart from the “self-pleasure” of Japanese local car companies, the real excitement must be BYD, whose booth was surrounded by water. The “Japanese Tape Measure Department” is already ecstatic, and this is BYD’s success in the Japanese market. When it comes to claiming the right to speak in the market, of course, along with BMW and Mercedes-Benz, only these three overseas car companies will participate in this auto show.

As a bellwether for the Asian auto market, the focus this time is still on “electrification”, with all kinds of new cars and concept cars being output like crazy, just like Japanese cars that are desperate but want to find a way out.

Among them, Honda Motor released a new SUV model, the Honda Prologue, which is based on General Motors’ Alternate platform.

New Honda Prologue Specification

In other words, the new Honda Prologue car can be understood as a cousin of the Chevrolet Blazer. In terms of styling, it adopts a relatively simple design, with a body length of 4876 mm and a wheelbase of 3093 mm. There is not much personality, but practicality is still the focus.

The new Honda Prologue car is positioned between the Honda CR-V and Honda Passport. In terms of power, it offers single-motor and dual-motor options. The new car is equipped with an 85 kWh battery pack with a maximum cruising range of about 483 km. The key is that the car may be launched in 2024 and is expected to be introduced to the domestic market within the same year.

Don’t be too happy. Recently, according to the latest reports from foreign media, Honda and General Motors have stated that they will abandon their plan to jointly develop economical pure electric vehicles. Considering the cost and commercialization, the original goal seems difficult to achieve. You know, we have only been working together for a year, and it has ended before it started.


There will be various variables in cooperation. The global new energy market is accelerating, and the market is constantly involved. Honda and GM have seen problems, but they don’t know whether it will affect Honda Prologue.

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