Tesla Rolls Out Sleek Paint Protection Film for the Cybertruck Starting at $6,500
Tesla Rolls Out Sleek Paint Protection Film for the Cybertruck Starting at $6,500

Tesla Rolls Out Sleek Paint Protection Film for the Cybertruck Starting at $6,500

Tesla has officially started making its new Cybertruck pickup truck, and the first few have been handed over to employees at a special event hosted by Elon Musk. The company has also updated its website with details on pricing, specifications, and options, including the option to add factory-installed paint protection film for $6,500, available in white or black for the stainless steel body.

According to Tesla’s website, this film is made of self-healing, urethane-based material that provides protection against scratches and is more environmentally friendly compared to standard vinyl wraps. By selecting this option, buyers can have every stainless steel surface covered in either satin white or satin black.

For those who prefer to maintain the stainless steel look but still want extra protection, Tesla offers a “premium satin clear paint film” for $5,000 as an alternative.

This availability of paint protection film comes as a surprise, as Elon Musk had previously mentioned that the Cybertruck would only come in stainless steel and wraps would not be available initially.

Tesla is already offering factory paint protection film installations for the Model 3 and the Model Y, and these start from $7,500.

We’ve previously seen a Cybertruck from the factory in a color other than stainless steel when Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, showcased a black-colored Cybertruck at an event in Malibu. Hopefully, the production-spec wraps will look better than this example.

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