Honda e:NS2 Redefines Imagination as Dongfeng Powers into the “Pure Electric Era”
Honda e:NS2 Redefines Imagination as Dongfeng  Powers into the “Pure Electric Era”

Honda e:NS2 Redefines Imagination as Dongfeng Powers into the “Pure Electric Era”


At the 2023 Guangzhou International Auto Show, major automobile manufacturers have shown off their “killer trumpets” and showcased the latest products and technologies. Facing the general trend of electrification and intelligence, Dongfeng Honda has also brought a series of electrified products to cope with this “year-end battle.” The most eye-catching one is the second product of the e:NS brand – the Honda e:NS2 pure electric hunting coupe. With its innovative design concept and brand-new product positioning, this new Honda e:NS2 car demonstrates Dongfeng Honda’s determination and investment in the electrification strategy. It also inherits Honda’s always reliable quality and dynamic driving fun. It is reported that the new Honda e:NS2 car is expected to be officially launched in 2024.

Dongfeng Honda e:NS2 Introduces an Innovative Era for the Coupe Category

The Honda e:NS2 pure electric hunting coupe is a new category launched by Dongfeng Honda in the pure electric market of the same level. It perfectly combines the comfort of a car with the multi-functional advantages of an SUV, presenting a style with a strong sense of future technology and focusing on shaping the avant-garde aesthetics of a “new genre of EV”.

Dongfeng Honda e:NS2 Introduces an Innovative Era for the Coupe Category
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The front face of the new Honda e:NS2 car has a very sharp shape. The front grille adopts a layered design and is arranged in an orderly manner. It is matched with a deep-contoured front hood, showing an aggressive attack. The sharp and straight body waistline extends from the front to the rear of the Honda e:NS2 car. It looks like It’s very dynamic up there. The interior is full of simplicity and sophistication, and you can feel the interplay of pragmatism and unique personality. The newly built Liexiang cockpit advocates pragmatism and personalized design, bringing users a driving experience with heightened senses.

At the press conference, Gou Tiansheng, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., said, “As the first hunting coupe in the pure electric market of its class, Honda e:NS2 is for users who adhere to pragmatism and pursue individuality. It will be extremely powerful. The design elements are perfectly balanced, interpret the wild and uninhibited “hunting aesthetics”, and refresh consumers’ perception and imagination of hunting coupes.”

Consistent quality, Dongfeng Honda Stays True to the Core of Automotive Craftsmanship

In its 20 years of development, Dongfeng Honda has always insisted on being user-centered and pursuing the ultimate in quality, thus winning the trust of nearly 8 million users. It was praised as the “Technology of Honda” in the fuel era, and was dubbed the “originator of electric hybrids” in the hybrid era. This innovative pursuit of automotive technology has been deeply integrated into the brand blood of Dongfeng Honda, and has also contributed to its newly upgraded core connotation of the brand: Stay Ahead in technology, wisdom, and love.

The birth of the Honda e:NS2 pure electric hunting coupe is the result of Dongfeng Honda’s profound insight into the electrification market and its innovative response. Gou Tiansheng said: “When most of the market is using technological gimmicks to attract attention, Dongfeng Honda’s original intention of sticking to the essence of making cars down-to-earth has not changed. The electric cars we want to create are full of energy and carry a pure and enjoyable life. Electric driving is fun, and it’s just like Honda.” The Honda e:NS2 pure electric hunting coupe inherits Honda’s more than 70 years of car-making experience, adheres to a management system that is higher than national standards, and its quality is always reliable.

Consistent quality, Dongfeng Honda Stays True to the Core of Automotive Craftsmanship
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At the same time, it also inherits the dynamic driving pleasure inherited from Honda. It relies on the “e:N Architecture” intelligent and efficient pure point architecture to integrate high-efficiency and high-power drive motors, large-capacity and high-density batteries, and pure electric exclusive architecture platforms. Daily control convenience and dynamic driving performance provide users with accurate, real-time and online driving pleasure.

In addition, it has also created a full-stack intelligent control ecosystem “e:N OS” that integrates Honda SENSING, Honda CONNECT, and intelligent digital cockpit, allowing vehicles to evolve from passive intelligence to active intelligence, continuously learning, and making intelligence instantly interesting. Laman. It has to be said that the Honda e:NS2 pure electric hunting coupe not only meets users’ essential needs for a car but also becomes their spokesperson, showing their unique taste and attitude towards life.

Electrification strategy, Dongfeng Honda Accelerates the Electrification Journey, Paving the Way for a Pure Electric Era

It has to be said that the launch of the Honda e:NS2 pure electric hunting coupe is also an important step in Dongfeng Honda’s electrification strategy. In July this year, Dongfeng Honda released a new strategy code-named “Creating the Future 2030”. It plans to no longer launch new fuel vehicles by 2027 and launch more than 10 pure electric models by 2030, striving to realize the joy of “tens of millions of households”. A new vision.

To achieve this goal, Dongfeng Honda has built an electrified product camp covering all levels of market segments, including the strong electric smart hybrid technology brand, the e:NS pure electric brand, and the Lingxi new energy brand, which fully demonstrates Dongfeng Honda’s determination to electrify. The strength and determination to transform.

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In the future, as Dongfeng Honda advances in electrification transformation, it will further improve the mainstream new energy technology routes including EV, HEV, and PHEV, cover all categories of electrified products such as cars, SUVs, and MPVs, and use the Lingxi brand as its electrified product lineup. It is an important driving force in the process, opening up a new model for the electrification transformation of joint venture car companies in the new joint venture era, and continuing to provide a unique “Eastern sample” for the industry in the era of smart electronics.

Dongfeng Honda stated that it will accelerate into the “pure electric era” in the future, use digitalization to drive electrification transformation, promote electrification image building, new energy matrix construction, consumer experience innovation and other fields, and strive to become a “value-creating enterprise” On the journey of transformation, Dongfeng Honda’s glory in the fuel era will be continued into the new era of smart electricity. We look forward to Dongfeng Honda’s future development results in the field of electrification, including the launch of the Honda e:NS2 pure electric hunting coupe in 2024, which will bring more surprises to consumers!

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