New NEO ES8 Exposed 900 km Range With Upgraded Size, Can it Beat Tesla?
New NEO ES8 Exposed 900 km Range With Upgraded Size, Can it Beat Tesla?

New NEO ES8 Exposed 900 km Range With Upgraded Size, Can it Beat Tesla?


NIO is a leading smart electric vehicle brand in China. It has a variety of high-performance, high-quality smart electric SUVs. Among them, the new NEO ES8 is NIO’s flagship product and the first mass-produced pure electric seven-seat SUV in China. Recently, NIO officially released the official pictures and configuration information of the new generation ES8. This new smart electric flagship SUV will be officially launched on NIO Day on January 15, 2023. So, what are the highlights and advantages of the new NEO ES8? Can it surpass Tesla? Let’s take a look.

What Are The Highlights & Advantages Of The New NEO ES8

The new NIO ES8 maintains the style and characteristics of the NIO brand in terms of appearance design, but it also has many innovations and improvements. The new car adopts a smart array air intake grille system, which can automatically adjust the air intake volume, according to the vehicle’s operating status and external environment, to improve aerodynamic efficiency. The headlights use intelligent multibeam headlights, integrating multiple micron-level high-brightness LEDs, each of which can be controlled individually to achieve more precise beam distribution. It is also equipped with an ultra-long-range high-precision lidar that can actively illuminate the vehicle. The target emits and receives detection signals to improve the safety of driving at night.

New NEO ES8 Interior Space.

The New NEO ES8 has also been greatly improved in terms of interior space, using higher-grade materials and more advanced technologies. The new car offers two six-seat layouts to choose from, namely the executive island layout and the central aisle layout.

New NEO ES8 Interior Space.
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The executive island layout is more suitable for business occasions, providing functions such as wireless fast charging for multiple mobile phones on the upper floor, open storage on the lower floor, and an optional car refrigerator; the central aisle layout is more suitable for family occasions, providing a spacious central aisle and integrated Type armrests make riding more comfortable. Regardless of the layout, the new car can meet the needs of all scenarios for work, family, socializing, and exploration.

New NIO ES8 Intelligent System.

The new NIO ES8 also has a great breakthrough in the intelligent system. It is equipped with the NIO intelligent system Banyan, which uses leading hardware and brand-new software to bring a product experience that exceeds expectations.

New NIO ES8 Intelligent System.
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The new car is equipped with NIO’s second-generation digital cockpit, including a 10.2-inch HDR digital instrument, a 12.8-inch AMOLED central control screen, a 6.6-inch rear HDR multi-function control screen, a 16.3-inch new HUD and other high-definition display screens, realizing panoramic digital PanoCinema’s immersive audiovisual entertainment experience.

New NIO ES8 battery life.

The new NIO ES8 has also been greatly improved in battery life, adopting more advanced battery technology and a more complete charging and swapping network. The new car provides three different capacity battery packs to choose from, namely 75 kWh, 100 kWh, and 150 kWh. Among them, the 150 kWh battery pack is the latest ultra-large-capacity battery pack launched by NIO.

New NIO ES8 battery life.
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It uses solid-state battery technology and can achieve a CLTC cruising range of 900 km, which is one of the longest cruising ranges currently on the market. Moreover, the new car also supports rechargeable, replaceable, and upgradeable batteries. Users can flexibly choose battery packs of different capacities according to their own needs and budget, and enjoy NIO’s complete charging and swapping network services.

New NEO ES8 Can it Beat Tesla?

I think the new NEO ES8 is a very excellent smart electric vehicle with strong market competitiveness. Compared with Tesla, the new NEO ES8 has equal or even surpassed performance in terms of battery life, space, intelligence, and services. Although Tesla has certain advantages in terms of brand awareness and technology accumulation, it also faces problems such as quality problems, insufficient after-sales service, and spontaneous combustion incidents.

Therefore, I think whether the new NIO ES8 can surpass Tesla depends on the needs and preferences of users and whether NIO can continue to innovate and improve user experience. In this era of rapid development, there are no permanent leaders, only those who are constantly improving.

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