Lei Jun Responds to Rumors That Xiaomi's Car Price of 199,900 is "a Bit Expensive indeed."
Lei Jun Responds to Rumors That Xiaomi's Car Price of 199,900 is "a Bit Expensive indeed."

Lei Jun Responds to Rumors That Xiaomi’s Car Price of 199,900 is “a Bit Expensive indeed.”

There was a lot of news about Xiaomi cars some time ago, especially regarding price. There are Rumors that Xiaomi’s car price will start at 199,900 yuan. Now Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has responded to issues that everyone is more concerned about, including not only the positioning of Xiaomi cars, benchmark products, and launch time but also the price that everyone is most concerned about.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Motors SU7 is positioned as a “C-class high-performance ecological technology car” and its car-making concept is technology x ecology, an advanced mobile intelligent space. In terms of benchmarking products, Lei Jun said that there is no clear benchmarking product, but he hopes to be comparable to the Porsche Taycan Turbo in terms of mechanical quality and the Tesla Model S in terms of intelligence.

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What everyone is most concerned about is the time to market and pricing. Lei Jun said that it is still in the production capacity ramping stage and needs to wait for several months. The price has not been finalized yet, but it will not be cheap, but it will be “reasonably expensive.” This response denied the previous Rumors that Xiaomi’s car price of starting at 199,900 yuan.

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