Huawei Alpha T5 Starts At Less Than 21,800: Cheapest SUV With Huawei System
Huawei Alpha T5 Starts At Less Than 21,800: Cheapest SUV With Huawei System

Huawei Alpha T5 Starts At Less Than 21,800: Cheapest SUV With Huawei System

Currently, trams account for half of the automobile market, and fuel vehicles are gradually being replaced. However, consumers should also take the tram system into consideration when purchasing a car. Nowadays, the price of cars equipped with the Huawei system is not low, and the price of an SUV is much higher than that of a sedan Huawei Alpha T5.

Huawei Alpha T5 Launched Date & Price

Recently, an SUV with a Huawei system has been launched. The starting price of this car is less than 21,800 USD. This car is the Huawei Alpha T5.

The new car has been launched in 4 models, with prices ranging from 21,000 to 28,000 USD. It should be the cheapest SUV on the market and equipped with a Huawei system. Let’s take a closer look at the performance of this car.

Huawei Alpha T5 Appearance

In terms of appearance, the new car is full of sportiness. The front face adopts a headlight set with clear lines and a three-stage design.

Huawei Alpha T5 Appearance

Therefore, from the front, this car is quite handsome and capable, which directly highlights all the advantages of the car. The size of the car is 4690/1936/1650 mm, and the wheelbase is 2845 mm. The design style can be seen from the car’s rims. It is sporty and fashionable at the same time.

Huawei Alpha T5 Design

The side waistline of the car is very distinctive, so it looks smart and handsome at first glance, and the design of the lines adds a bit of dynamics. The rear of the car adopts a blackened design, mainly for youthfulness, so the rear surround is also decorated with two-color decoration.

Huawei Alpha T5 Design

It makes the whole vehicle look more fashionable and enhances the overall temperament. Judging from the appearance of the Huawei Alpha T5, it is not only very good-looking, but also has a strong sense of fashion. It is a car that everyone will like.

Huawei Alpha T5 Interiors

In terms of interiors, just like the current popular car types, all use an extremely simple style. The interior design is simple and does not lack any equipment. Most of the physical buttons have been canceled and mainly replaced with touch screens.

Huawei Alpha T5 Interiors

The large central control screen has become the highlight of the car. The size of the screen is quite satisfactory, and the display effect is excellent. The double-spoke multi-function steering wheel has obvious advantages, with a youthful appearance and a very fashionable design. Silver and black are two colors that are currently popular. The interior space is large, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

Huawei Alpha T5 Power

In terms of power, the new car uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor for pure electric drive, with two different power performances. They are 185 kW and 200 kW respectively. The batteries are also divided into different capacities of 65 kWh, 79.2 kWh, and 85.8 kWh. There are also two different ranges, 520 km/660 km respectively. Not only that, Huawei Alpha T5 also uses 800V charging, which can last 260 km in only 10 minutes. From the perspective of power performance, it is definitely sufficient. This car also brings many advantages.

Huawei Alpha T5 Advantages

In general, the Huawei Alpha T5 car has two advantages. The first is that it is very cost-effective. The starting price of an SUV with a Huawei system is less than 21,800 USD. The second is the overall performance of the car, which received good scores in all aspects.

Huawei Alpha T5 Advantages

However, the sales volume of this car still depends on whether consumers will buy it in the future. What kind of results this car can achieve depends on what advantages the Huawei Alpha T5 can bring to consumers. If you also want to buy such an SUV, you might as well pay attention to this car. From a cost-effective perspective, it is still a good deal.

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