Top 5 Longest Range Electronic Hatchback 2023
Top 5 Longest Range Electronic Hatchback 2023

Top 5 Longest Range Electronic Hatchback 2023


Hot Longest Range Electronic Hatchbacks are ideal for enthusiasts because they are small, useful, powerful, and inexpensive, making them ideal fun vehicles for daily use. Since their introduction in the 1970s, hot hatchbacks have been a constant on the road as well as the racetrack. Their popularity soared during the 1980s and 1990s. Since the introduction of the VW MK1 Golf GTI, this market niche has developed, and there are now a variety of competent hot hatches available, ranging in size from compact to sporty. Modern variants are significantly more attractive than the flimsy tin cans of the past because to sophisticated engineering and technology. Hot hatches had a wonderful year in 2022, and things only continue to get better.

Hatchbacks, which have a rear liftgate as well as a readily accessible, open luggage space like most SUVs, surpass most other body types in meeting both of these criteria. They also have the nimble driving characteristics of a compact automobile. A hatchback will better serve you than that crossover from across the showroom and will also provide superior fuel efficiency unless you’re towing a five-person family or going off-road. Almost every hatchback offered today has been put through a rigorous testing routine by experts. From performance evaluations through measurements of the cargo area and a practical fuel economy test.

The regular suspects, who have improved to be competitive, are joined by newcomers. The top 5 hot hatchbacks to watch for in 2023 are listed below.

1. Peugeot e-308 2023 (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback).

Peugeot e-308

The 54 kWh battery pack is the same for the new Peugeot e-308 (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback) model. This battery’s capacity is 54 kWh, which is comparable to that of the Peugeot e-2008 but somewhat lower than the 58 kWh battery found in the VW ID3. Recent WLTP tests show that the brand-new e-308 hatchback has a stated range of 248 miles (399.12 kilometers). This implies that you ought to be able to cover about 200 miles (321.87 kilometers) when driving normally in a day.

The range of the e-308 is less than about 263 miles (423.26 kilometers) that VW boasts because of its ID3 hatchback, and it is more than the 212 miles (341.18 kilometers) that Peugeot’s e-2008 SUV is capable of. Additionally, it exceeds the MG 5 electrical estate car’s stated range of 214 miles (344.4 kilometers), the only other major electric estate vehicle currently on sale.

The same electric engine is included in the new e-308 (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback) model. While the electric Peugeots would be quieter, but there won’t be any visible gear change as you drive, this drives a front wheel and will have a similar sensation to vehicles that utilize a traditional automatic gearbox. Peugeot (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback) claims the engine makes 156 horsepower, although it hasn’t validated any performance numbers. That ought to be sufficient for a compact family hatchback. Electric vehicles (EVs) can seem faster than comparably equipped petrol and diesel vehicles due to the instantaneous power delivery with electric motors.

Top Speed150 km/h
Electric Range310 km
Vehicle Consumption165 Wh/km
Charge Speedm/h

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2. Opel Astra Electric 2023 (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback).

Opel Astra Electric

Customers will be electrified by the upcoming Opel Astra Electric (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback). Like other Astra variations, they stand out not just for their strong, distinct design, but also for their responsible operation. With no local emissions, the redesigned Astra Electric offers pure driving enjoyment. With its strong 270 Newton metres of maximum torque and 115 kW/156 hp, the electric motor ensures quick starts and persuading acceleration from the moment the accelerator pedal is depressed.

The new Astra Electric (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback) does have a peak speed of 170 km/h, whereas many other electric vehicles are restricted to 150 or 160 km/h. Astra Electric drivers may select between the three settings Eco, Normal, and Sport based on their driving preferences.

A lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 54 kWh houses the energy. The fresh Astra Electric can go up to 416 kilometers locally emission-free thanks to the 102 battery cells installed in 17 modules and compliant with WLTP1. The engineers gave effective packaging a high priority, but were able to guarantee a superb range with a small battery capacity.

The new Astra Electric, available as a 5-door model or a Sports Tourer estate, uses just 12.7 kWh of power per 100 kilometers (14.9 kWh as per WLTP3), giving it not only the appropriate, economical car for daily usage but also an excellent companion which saves time on longer travels. Even so, recharging the battery-powered Astra only necessitates a brief “pit break” at a charging station.

At a 100 kW directly current rapid charging station, the Astra Electric could be charged to 80% of its battery capacity in about 30 minutes. Additionally, a three-phase 11 kW internal charger for the home wall box is included as standard equipment with the all-electric Astra.

Top Speed170 km/h
Electric Range310 km
Vehicle Consumption164 Wh/km
Charge Speedm/h

3. CUPRA Born 2023 110 kW – 45 kWh (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback).

CUPRA Born 110 kW – 45 kWh

Power at its peak, no pollutants, and intelligent driving. The time to change is right now. In the home, on the road, or when you arrive. No matter where you are, recharging is easy. Place a CUPRA Charger from Elli in your house for ultimate convenience, or use the Elli’s Easy Charge app to charge when you’re away from home.

There are charging options for the CUPRA Born (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback) that you may use wherever you go. In every phase of the decarbonization program, from of the supply chain & production process to the moment of handover to clients, renewable energy will be used to reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, it ensures that the CUPRA Born is produced and delivered in a manner that is net CO2 neutral by offsetting any unavoidable emissions through approved environmental programs.

After receiving the highest score possible during the stringent testing of the Euro NCAP automobile safety evaluation program, the very first 100% EV model illustrates that it is among the safest on the market. The CUPRA Born (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback) received good ratings throughout the board, including in tests for adult and child occupants, vulnerable road users, and safety assistance.

Drive wiser by subscribing to CUPRA Connection GEN4 technology, which offers extra features including online music and navigation, and remote car control. Use real-time updated maps and route information for online navigation. When looking for a charging station, it is simple to examine the power kinds and hours of operation. Utilize an improved “Hola Hola” with realistic voice commands for dictate messages and access more than 10,000 international radio stations and podcasts.

Top Speed160 km/h
Electric Range275 km
Vehicle Consumption164 Wh/km
Charge Speedkm/h

4. Sono Sion 2023 (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback).

Sono Sion

The Sion (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback) claims to have a range of 190 miles (305.78 kilometers) on a single charge, although that is just for solar power: About 5,400 miles (8,690.46 kilometers) may be attributed to the sun per year, which works out to an average of 70 to 150 miles (241.4 kilometers) each week or ten to twenty miles per day.

The solar vehicle equivalent of meticulously locating rooftop solar for feasibility, that’s less than what many Americans drive, and even that much solar range will not be spread uniformly over all days due to weather, seasonality, and where you park. The solar location feature in the car’s software will be available when it enters the US and will allow you to estimate how much charge you’ll receive in a certain parking spot. Sun-based energy is used.

Through the power of the sun, 456 half cells that are smoothly incorporated into the bodywork of the automobile may extend its driving range by up to 245 km each week, or an average of 112 km. This results in complete independence over short distances. The Sion (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback) is covered with solar panels all throughout, including on the bonnet, sides, and top, in addition to its roof, which a few others cars have already.

The solar panels are built into the dent-resistant polymer body panels, rather than being slapped onto the vehicle’s existing metal bodywork. Because of this, the car cannot have a glossy paint job or a variety of colors, although Sono (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback) claims that production cars will at minimum be a consistent shade of matte gray black, which is now in style.

Top Speed140 km/h
Electric Range260 km
Vehicle Consumption181 Wh/km
Charge Speedkm/h

5. Abarth 500e Scorpionissima 2023 (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback).

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima

The American public’s love affair the with Fiat 500 was brief but strong. When it was first introduced, it was among the most popular vehicles on the market. It possessed all of the necessary characteristics—small, useful, affordable, enjoyable, and attractive—to sell like hotcakes. The classic Italian model, however, had just recently regained popularity after being essentially the same vehicle for too long with minimal modifications, finally being completely removed from the U.S. market.

There is a popular variant called the Abarth 500e (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback), and Fiat just stated that the current generation completely 500e would be arriving to American shores in 2024. The limited-edition Abarth 500e (Longest Range Electronic Hatchback) Scorpionissima blends elegance, electric prowess, and a new, strong sound. 1949 units with unique artwork and an authenticated certificate with a number. The latest Scorpion transforms force into feelings and cutting-edge technology into adrenaline. and performance into sustainability.

Top Speed155 km/h
Electric Range225 km
Vehicle Consumption166 Wh/km
Charge Speed56 km/h


The hot hatchbacks are rising in popularity daily. Not that many people are prepared for the task in a market in which the desire for SUVs is rising. In order to quench their hunger for performance & maximum adrenaline, fans like hot hatchbacks. They can’t decide between a full-electric car that looks more contemporary and has comparable power and a performance hatchback. In a market dominated by high-performance SUVs, those hot hatchbacks provide comparable driving qualities at a far cheaper cost. The forthcoming hatchbacks are definitely worth the wait, even if the existing vehicles provide a good driving experience.


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