Scout Motors EV SUV 2024 To Reveal First Electric SUV This Summer
Scout Motors EV SUV 2024 To Reveal First Electric SUV This Summer

Scout Motors EV SUV 2024 To Reveal First Electric SUV This Summer


Recently, Volkswagen announced exciting news: its new sub-brand Scout Motors EV SUV will launch its first model in the summer of 2024. This move marks a new development for Volkswagen in the automotive market.

It is reported that the Scout brand will first launch a hard-core Scout Motors EV SUV and a hard-core pickup truck. The launch of these two models is expected to bring new vitality to the automobile market. According to previously released preview images, these two new models will adopt a new design concept, which is very different from the traditional Volkswagen design style.

Scout Motors EV SUV
Photo from Scout Motors

Scout Motors EV SUV Exterior

In terms of exterior design, the new model Scout Motors EV SUV combines elements of retro and modern technology, paying tribute to the classic Scout model of 1978. This design technique not only retains classic elements, but also adds modern design language.

Scout Motors EV SUV Exterior

The overall shape of the vehicle is simple, adopting the currently popular square box shape, and coupled with large-size wheels, it presents an extremely tough and eye-catching visual effect.

Scout Motors EV SUV Interior

Regarding the interior, foreign media also said that this model, which is mainly positioned as an off-road vehicle, will be wrapped in a large number of dust-proof and waterproof materials such as rubber floor mats and vinyl seats. Combining retro style with modern technology, the design of the new car also pays tribute to the 1978 Scout model.

Scout Motors EV SUV Comfort

Besides ensuring off-road comfort, the brand has committed to delivering all-electric vehicles. These cars will utilize a custom-designed platform tailored to the demands of a robust SUV, rather than being derived from the car-centric MEB platform.

EV Motor, Power, and Performance

In terms of power system, the new Scout Motors EV SUV will be built on a pure electric platform. It is expected to be equipped with a powerful 3-motor or even 4-motor system, showing excellent power performance. This power configuration is expected to bring an unprecedented driving experience to drivers.

Scout Motors EV SUV Price

Volkswagen officials pointed out that Scout Motors EV SUV brand models are developed completely from scratch.

Scout Motors EV SUV Price
Scout Motors

The R&D investment for the first two models is as high as 450 million euros, which reflects the company’s emphasis on and expectations for the new brand. To this end, Volkswagen also invested US$2 billion in building a new factory in Columbia, South Carolina. The factory is expected to be put into use in 2025, with an annual production capacity of 250,000 vehicles, demonstrating Volkswagen’s confidence in the Scout brand’s long-term planning and market expansion.


Scout is a name with historical heritage in the American market. The brand’s new car will also compete with GMC Hummer EV SUV, Jeep Recon and other models after its launch. At present, more details about the Scout brand have not been announced, but it is foreseeable that as the product release date approaches, more exciting news about Scout Motors EV SUV will be announced. We will continue to pay attention and provide you with the latest reports, so stay tuned.

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