Rebate For Electric Car in California in 2024
Rebate For Electric Car in California in 2024

Rebate For Electric Car in California in 2024


For the purchase or leasing of a new or even plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, California Air Resources Board’s Clean Fuel Reward Program gives a point sale Rebate for electric cars in California of up to $750. A minimal battery size of 5-kilowatt hours is required for eligible EVs, which must also be acquired from participating merchants. Customers that qualify must live in California & register their EVs there.

Peninsula Clean Energy simplifies the process for citizens in its member municipalities to buy a used electric car by providing refunds of up to $6,000. (EV). Owners of used EVs already enjoy savings on fuel and maintenance expenses; well, they can also take advantage of upfront savings at the time of purchase.

Rebate Eligibility

Before purchasing, one must apply to Peninsula Clean Energy and receive approval.

Be a resident of Los Banos or San Mateo County; one rebate per family.

Residents must fulfill the qualifying income levels to get a higher incentive.

Purchase a car that qualifies:

8 model years or newer, utilized plug-in hybrid or battery-electric vehicle (2022 = 2015 or newer)

Plug-in hybrids must have an all-electric range of at least 25 miles (ca. 40 kilometers).

Purchase price less any rebates must be greater than $35,000.

Before making a car purchase, applicants must complete a program application.

Applications will be considered with Peninsula Clean Energy in seven (7) business days. Applications must be accompanied by proof of domicile in a Peninsula Clean Energy member community and, if appealing for the higher rebate, proof of income eligibility.

Peninsula Clean Energy would email the applicant to let them know if their application has been accepted, rejected, or isn’t complete. If the application is not complete, the applicant will be notified and given seven (7) business days to alter and/or supplement the application. If a newly updated application is, the applicant’s rebate payments must be received before the end of the seven-day window. It will not be accepted without the required supporting papers, and the applicant to submit a fresh application is necessary. If the rejection is explained the rationale for, there will be a denial.

Upon approval, the applicant will get an email with a rebate approval letter. The applicant must buy a car with one of two methods described in after ninety (90) days after the date the letter is sent. Vehicles may only be purchased offline or online from a dealer. private gathering, i.e. The rebate does not apply to personal sales. In the letter, it will be the amount of the allowed refund for each kind of vehicle. The rebate amount for each car type the client is authorized for will be specified in the letter. The authorized rebate may only be used to purchase one car.

Process for Redeeming Rebates

Following approval, applicants can have two choices for using the refund within the following ninety (90) days:

Option 1

Buy the car from a dealership that is a participant to receive an immediate refund just at the time of the purchase. The Applicant is not obligated to inform the dealership that the program has been approved until after a price has been agreed upon and the Applicant is prepared to make the purchase. Candidates are urged to haggle with the dealership about the cost of the automobile.

When the applicant is prepared to make the purchase, the applicant must show the participating dealership the rebate approval letter. Through a Peninsula Clean Energy web portal, the participating dealership will check the legitimacy of the letter. The dealership will use the Applicant’s authorized rebate amount as soon as it has been validated.

Option 2

Buy the car from a non-participating dealer or online merchant and get a post-purchase mail-in refund. Peninsula Clean Energy must be notified by the applicant through email to [email protected] as specified in the rebate approval letter if they intend to buy their EV from a non-participating merchant.

After three (3) business days of acquiring an eligible vehicle, the applicant must fill out the post-purchase form given through Peninsula Clean Energy & send it in with a full copy of the sale’s contract. After seven (7) business days, Peninsula Clean Energy would confirm that the vehicle the applicant purchased satisfies the eligibility standards and let them know if the evaluation is complete, refused, or accepted. Peninsula Clean Energy will send payment in the form of a check after it has been authorized.

Option 3

The applicant must confirm that an eligible vehicle, as described in Section 3, has been bought. Vehicles that don’t fit the requirements won’t be eligible for the discount. For advice on this, go to the handbook on qualifying automobiles.

Option 4

Vehicles may only be purchased offline or online from a dealer. Person-to-person purchases made by private parties are not qualified for reimbursement.


With more plug-in electric cars on the road than any other state, California is at the forefront of the country’s adoption of clean automobiles. Many economic and environmental advantages result from this move away from petrol and diesel, including decreased air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. If funds are available, qualified Californians can apply for just a rebate after buying or leasing one eligible car by following a straightforward procedure.

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