Kia Niro Ev 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs
Kia Niro Ev 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs


The new Kia Niro EV 2024 is much more apparent on the street than its predecessor, thanks to fascinating lighting components and two-tone body panels. The interior of the all-electric diminutive SUV is also snazzier and features a unique style and technologically advanced gauges. A 201-hp electric motor powers the front wheels of the new Niro EV.

Despite having more horsepower than the Niro hybrid variants (which were assessed separately), the EV accelerates much more smoothly. A 64.8-kWh battery provides approximately 253 miles (ca. 407 kilometers) of the range, and according to Kia, when plugged into a DC fast charger, it can be recharged from 10 to 80 % in around 45 minutes.

What has changed for Kia Niro Ev 2024?

The second generation of Kia’s varied Niro family, which once more incorporates the Niro EV all-electric model, was unveiled for 2024. The Niro EV obtains an updated exterior and interior design, just like its traditional and plug-in hybrid siblings.

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Price

The updated Kia Niro Ev 2024 will start at $39,450 in the US, which is roughly $500 cheaper than the destination node. This month, the vehicle will reach US dealers, and all 50 states will be able to purchase it. The “Wind” and “Wave” trim levels of the 2024 Kia Niro EV are available. The base Wind model costs $39,450 to start, and the enhanced Wave variant costs $5,000 more to begin at $44,450.

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Availability

As increasing to the Wave version doesn’t result in any improvements to driving range or performance, we’d recommend sticking with the base Wind trim. The Wind also includes a plethora of luxury items as standard equipment, including as a huge 10.3-inch infotainment screen with navigational, heated rear seats, ambient lighting design, dual-zone auto climate control, a number of driver-assistance functions, and a cordless smartphone charging pad. A 201-hp electric motor, front-wheel driving, and a 64.8-kWh battery pack are standard on both variants.

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Power, Performance, and Motor

The Niro EV will only have one powertrain, which will be an electric motor driving the front wheels. According to Kia, this system produces 201 horsepower, outperforming the 139-hp hybridization and 180-hp plug-in hybrid models in terms of power.

Kia Niro Ev 2023 All Information

The Niro EV feels extra tepider than we anticipated and required 6.7 seconds to attain 60 mph (ca. 97 kilometers per hour) despite having more power. When in Eco mode, the Niro EV practically crawls, which is certainly excellent for preserving range but is not at all enjoyable. The Niro EV feels more alive in the Regular and Sports driving modes, and in our tests, it narrowly beats the Chevy Bolt EUV at the fraction drag strips.

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Battery Life, Charging, and Range

The anticipated range of the Niro EV is 253 miles (ca. 407 kilometers) per recharge, which is a 14-mile improvement over the 239-mile range of its predecessor. The 64.8 kWh battery pack in the 2024 Niro EV is believed to be able to charge the vehicle from zero to eighty percent in around 45 minutes when it is linked to a DC fast charger. The Niro provided 210 miles (ca. 338 kilometers) of travel on our 75-mph expressway fuel-economy test before requiring a recharge.

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Fuel efficiency and actual MPGe

The new Niro EV received ratings from the EPA of 126 MPGe city and 101 MPGe road, which are comparable to those the Bolt EUV received but significantly higher than the most effective Volkswagen ID.4 model.

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Cargo, Comfort, and the Interior

The inside of the 2024 Niro EV is entirely different from that of its forerunner. The top of the windshield and the door panels of the Kia Rio have slanted surfaces. The infotainment screen and digital instrument panel draw attention to the cabin’s technological feel.

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Cargo, Comfort, and the Interior

The central console houses a rotary shifter in addition to various auxiliary controls, and the steering column has a distinct two-spoke design. According to Kia, the inside is made up of recyclable materials, and the seats’ fabric is made from eucalyptus leaves. With what appear to be big door pockets and practical drawers in the center console, there is a lot of room for small items to be stored.

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Connectivity and Information

The Niro EV’s entertainment system is controlled by a 10.3-inch touchscreen.

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Connectivity and Information

A charging station and a Harman/Kardon sound are optional extras, although wireless Apple Car Play and Infotainment System are standard. According to Kia, users are able to access vehicle features with the modern Digital Key 2.0 via their smartphone. Similarly, some operations can be managed by voice-command platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Features for Driver Assistance and Safety

Numerous driver-assistance features are standard on the Niro EV, as well as some that are available. Visit the websites of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) to learn more about the crash test results for the Niro EV.

Kia Niro Ev 2024 Features for Driver Assistance and Safety

Important safety elements include:

  • Standard automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning
  • Lane-keeping assistance and the common lane-departure warning
  • Adaptive cruise control that is standard and has lane-centering functionality

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