BYD HAN 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs
BYD HAN 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs

BYD HAN 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs


China-based BYD manufactures the mid-size car known as the BYD Han 2024. Both an all-electric and a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) variant are offered. The Han Dynasty, Imperial China’s first golden age, inspired the newest member of BYD’s “Dynasty” passenger car series. There is a ride-hailing-specific version of the e9, which is also the top model in the BYD e-series.

With three all-electric models and one hybrid car, the Byd Han EV series, BYD’s long-awaited flagship product for the global mid-to-large sedan market, has finally been unveiled. The Byd Han EV features the most cutting-edge technology available in the EV industry, along with powerful performance and tasteful workmanship.

BYD HAN 2024 Price

Pricing for the all-wheel-drive 2022 BYD Han EV starts at roughly $43,700 (288,600 CNY). Han EV Long Range rear-wheel-drive models start at $40,800. (269,000 CNY).

BYD Han 2024 Pricing in Europe

Han EV will be sold in European nations like the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and others, according to a statement from BYD. The cost of a Han EV in Europe is €72,000 Of course, the premium ones will cost more.

BYD HAN 2024 Design

BYD HAN 2024 Interior & Exterior

BYD is thrilled to announce that its best-selling Han EV has won this year’s esteemed iF Design Award. In the tough product design category, where there were over 10,000 entries, the Byd Han EV stood out from the crowd, becoming the first sedan from a Chinese automaker to take home the award.

BYD HAN 2024 Interior & Exterior
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A large luxury car called the Byd Han competes more with the Model S than the Model 3. It measures 196 inches (ca. 5 meters) long, 75.2 inches (ca. 2 meters) wide, and 59.9 inches (ca. 152 centimeters) tall, with a long 115.0-inch wheelbase. It is marginally lighter than the Model S with an initial curb weight of 4,400 pounds (ca. 1,996 kg).

BYD HAN 2024 Comfort.

The Byd Han also creates a new benchmark for luxury in electric vehicles.Design concepts from the East and West are combined in BYD’s new Dragon Face appearance language. The car’s striking, self-assured look, which includes a magnificent front grille, Dragon Claw tail lamps, and other features, heralds a new era for Chinese-made luxury automobiles.

BYD HAN 2024 Comfort.
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The interior is finished with solid wood paneling, premium Nappa leather seats, metal accents, and other high-end elements that are rarely found in other high-end luxury vehicles. With the use of Nappa leather, real wood, aluminum, and other high-end materials, Han EV has blended Chinese aesthetics and the spirit of traditional luxury appearance into the design and specifics of its interior to represent the pursuit of harmony, nature, and perfection.

BYD HAN 2024 Performance

BYD HAN 2024 Range

The standard-range Luxury setup’s features are present in the extended-range configuration as well. But in exchange for a lower cost, it does lack several technological features. Instead of the 76.9 kWh LFP battery pack, it has a 64.8 kWh LFP battery pack.

BYD HAN 2024 Charging

The larger battery pack in the Luxury grade can go 605 kilometers (NEDC), while the smaller battery pack can travel 506 kilometers (NEDC).

BYD HAN 2024 Charging
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A smaller energy capacity “Blade” LFP battery pack is what it is. The extended Luxury configuration differs from the ordinary Luxury configuration in that it offers 100 kW of power instead of 80 kW for rapid charging.

BYD HAN 2024 Battery

Extended-range both premium and wide-ranging The BYD Han EV is also offered in performance versions. While the latter is a dual-motor AWD vehicle with a range of 550 kilometers, the former is a single-motor RWD automobile with a 605-kilometer range.

BYD HAN 2024 Battery
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BYD HAN 2024 Connectivity and Information

At the Chengdu Auto Show on August 29, BYD unveiled the Di Link 4.0, its most recent in-car operating system. Utilizing 5G technology, the system improves connectivity and enhances all of the vehicle’s internet-dependent functions.

The new operating system uses a dual-mode 4G/5G connection and a MIMO 4×4 antenna topology. This increases internet stability and speeds to 1 Gbps downloads and 100 Mbps uploads, claims the business.

The DiLink system now features a cleaner user interface that alternates between dark and light settings depending on the time of day. Speech recognition is now 50% quicker and has better kid voice recognition thanks to dual-frequency location and navigation technology.

BYD HAN 2024 Safety

The Han EV, the first vehicle in the world to use BYD’s ultra-safe Blade Battery, which is twice as safe as ordinary ternary lithium battery packs, has raised the bar for energy vehicle safety. The “seven-dimensional quad-layer” safety matrix that powers Han’s DM provides the safest battery safety system in the world by being stable at high temperatures.

The 1500HS thermoformed steel used in Han’s roof, which was created using cutting-edge laser brazing technique, is more than any other comparable Chinese car. The other notable safety features include six cameras, eleven standard airbags, incredibly efficient air purification filters, and more.

BYD HAN 2024 Driver-Assistance

The Han EV has the most recent iteration of BYD’s DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, which offers a wide range of safety features like adaptive stop-and-go cruise control (ACC-S&G), forward-collision warning system (FCW), lane departure warning system (LDWS), pedestrian identification and protection system, traffic sign identification, and more.

The byd han EV may be upgraded to include higher-level features including BYD’s ICC Intelligent Navigation System, ICA Integrated Adaptive Cruise System, and TJA Traffic Congestion Assistance System. The extended-range premium and 4WD high-efficient models, which can be upgraded to a comprehensive automatic parking function, also come standard with blind-spot monitoring, lane-change assistance, rear collision early warning, and other cutting-edge features.


The BYD Han is equipped with cutting-edge powertrains and many smart driver assistance safety features, including an adaptive cruise controller with stop and go, frontal collision warning, pedestrian, lane departure warning, and traffic sign identification.

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