Cupra Born 110 KW – 45 KWh Best Electric Hatchback 2023
Cupra Born 110 KW – 45 KWh Best Electric Hatchback 2023

Cupra Born 110 KW – 45 KWh Best Electric Hatchback 2023


This Cupra Born would be a battery-electric small family car or compact car (C-segment) that SEAT sells under its aggressive Cupra brand. The SEAT, the el-Born sports car was introduced as a production vehicle in May 2021 even as Cupra Born. The Volkswagen Group MEB platforms serve as the foundation for the Born, which was created at the same German factory in Zwickau as the Volkswagen ID.3. The automobile bears the name of an area in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

The advent of a model which will alter how people see electrically driven cars in motion has been verified by CUPRA. The CUPRA Born Concept had received plaudits for its svelte appearance and personality ever since it was unveiled just at Geneva Motor Show the year before. Even if the assessments were favorable, the creative team and the engineers at the Technical Center didn’t stop there. They kept improving the car, giving this a sportier personality and even more striking aesthetic appeal. The CUPRA Born, the brand’s first entirely electric model, is the outcome.

What’s New for 2023?

The SEAT el-Born, that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019, served as a preview of the car. The prototype vehicle included a 62 kilowatt hour battery pack with a stated range of 420 km (261 mi) (WLTP). Its 204 PS (150 kW; 201 bhp) electric motor gave it a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration time of 7.5 seconds. The battery has a thermal control system and was designed to support 100kW DC supercharging. It has driver assistance features and Level 2 automated driving capabilities.

The new model, that will be produced at the German Zwickau facility, will boost the business’ contribution margin while perfectly complementing the brand concept and target market of CUPRA.

With a new sporty & dynamic appearance and reengineered technology content, CUPRA Born exhibits all the brand DNA of the CUPRA company. We have also advanced the original concept. The fact that performance plus electrification work so well together is demonstrated by CUPRA Born.

Price of Cupra Born.

Priced from $59,990 including applicable taxes, this 2023 Cupra Born electrical “hot hatch” is scheduled to arrive in Australia throughout March or April 2023. The Born, offered in a single product with either a choice of two extra equipment packages, will make its debut in Australia being the first entirely electric vehicle under the recently established Cupra brand.

It is the first domestically produced electric car from the Volkswagen Group’s non-premium brands; it comes after premium electric models from Audi and Porsche but before Volkswagen or Skoda electric cars to Australia. The Born’s standard features for Australia include the biggest battery currently provided in international markets, with a usable capacity of 77kWh (82kWh total), as well as a 170kW/310Nm sole electric engine driving the back wheels.

Cupra asserts that it is the only electric vehicle in Australia whose price and claimed driving range both begin with a “5”, citing a base price of $59,990 before on-road expenses and a claimed range of 511 kilometers (km) for the base model without extras.

Interior of Cupra Born.

Regardless of the Cupra Born trim level you choose, it will come with two features: a digital gear selector in the style of the (now-discontinued) BMW i3 on the side and a digital pod while behind the steering wheel with the a small and though clear 5.3 display which shows the speed, Ranges, and sat-nav instructions. You can sit comfortably because of the driver’s seat’s excellent positioning in relation towards the steering wheel & pedals.

Interior of Cupra Born.

The wheel can be adjusted for height and reach, and there are plush, high-bolstered sports seats with gripping materials as well. All of it is extremely attractive, although the excessive use of touch-sensitive controls detracts a little from the overall effect.

Interior of Cupra Born.

Everything else is handled via the main infotainment display, including touch-sensitive sliders that don’t light at night for temperature adjustment. Using it all while driving is incredibly distracting and is a far worse solution than having actual buttons and knobs, which are present in many competing vehicles, such as the Kia Niro EV, Nissan Leaf, and Renault Zoe. Nevertheless, the touchscreen would be at least tilted in your direction (unlike the MG4), making it easier for you to access the controls.

Exterior of Cupra Born.

The outside of the CUPRA Born has an unusual, distinctive, and expressive design. For one high-performance brand, electrification is not a contradiction; rather, it is a method to position the brand for the future. The CUPRA Born has a multifunctional design that modernizes the CUPRA aesthetic while also integrating the technology of its cutting-edge electric drivetrain.

With its blend of flowing surfaces and precise elements, it conveys a distinct CUPRA identity that symbolizes agility and performance. The CUPRA Born’s face creates the initial visual effect and an immediate reaction. It gives you character, sophistication, and tenacity.

The newly created full LED headlights as well as the lower mouth that is intended to direct air it toward the radiator give the font style and presence. This upper concave part leans forward like a shark. Although electric automobiles use less air than combustion engines, the powertrain also needs thermo-physical properties to be optimized, which is why the huge air inlet with a metal frame is located underneath. The combination of engineering specifications and the design methodology aids in striking the ideal balance between function and form.

The bonnet uses 3D forms to assist bend light and give the CUPRA Born’s front end a dynamic appearance. The loudness that can be heard through the wings and on top of the headlights contributes to the car’s dynamic aspect.

Colors of Cupra Born.

The design is smoothed out and strengthened by having the tailgate flat with the bumper. The license plate, reflectors, and technological components are located at the lowest position on an island surrounded by body color. This method gives off a stronger impression of fineness. And the CUPRA Born’s personality can be finished to suit a variety of tastes thanks to a palette of six color options (Vapor Gray, Glacial White, Geyser Silver, Rayleigh Red, Quasar Grey, and the exclusive Aurora Blue), all of which serve to emphasize the character and tenacity of the brand’s first all-electric high-performance vehicle.

The comfort of Cupra Born.

Even if you are gifted with great height, you won’t have trouble finding room in the front seat of the Cupra Born. In fact, even those who are taller than six feet will have enough head & leg room. The sport bucket seats, the revised steering wheel featuring Drive Profile Selection & CUPRA mode buttons, in addition to the premium material selections, are just a few examples of how the interior is intended to embody the CUPRA concept of performance and quality combined with elegance.

Along with the Born’s meticulous focus on detail and enthusiasm for quality, CUPRA paid special attention to the Born’s sustainability by employing recycled materials within the vehicle.

Cargo of Cupra Born.

Additionally, the Born feels quite spacious inside, so even if you and your front passenger seat are both rather broad, you won’t be bumping elbows. There is also decent storage space available. The center console, which features several compartments and standard cup holders, houses a sizable portion of it. The door bins and glove boxes are both respectable sizes.

The Born’s boot, which has a volume of 385 liters, is almost the same length as a Golf’s and is suitable for hauling a buggy, weekly groceries, or a few large luggage for everyday use. The EV6 is in a different category if you require a lot of cargo space. The Leaf’s boot is bigger (provided long as you stay away from higher trim cars with the Bose sub-woofer that steals room) and so does the Megane E- Tech’s.

EV Motor of Cupra Born.

The powered wheels are located towards the back of the CUPRA Born to provide a sportier appearance. The permanent-magnet synchronous motor of the pure EV’s powertrain, which is installed above the rear axle and in front of the center of the wheels, has a maximum speed of nearly 16,000 rpm. A single-speed gearbox with a differential is used to distribute torque, smoothing out the delivery to produce natural performance. There are two CUPRA Born models; the first one produces 150PS (110 kW) and power & 310Nm of torque; the other is 204PS (150 kW)/310Nm.

But CUPRA has gone beyond, extending the dynamic thrill. The CUPRA Born also will provide an e-Boost1 power pack that ups performance to 231PS (170 kW). The e-Boost1 would be offered with battery-powered options: a 77kWh battery that can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in seven seconds and have a range of about 540 km; and a 58kWh battery that can accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h in only 2.6 seconds and from 100 to 100 km/h in just 6.6 seconds with just a range of about 420 km.

Range of Cupra Born.

A 58kWh or 77kWh battery is available for the Cupra Born, which powers a single electric engine that propels the vehicle’s rear wheels. We advise selecting the 58kWh vehicle. It boasts 201 horsepower, which puts it in the same category as Tesla Model 3 regarding straight-line speed, and we timed one at our exclusive test track going from 0 to 60 mph in under 7.0 seconds (a range-topping MG4 did it in 7.3 seconds the same day).

The 58kWh car’s declared range is 264 miles, which is respectable, but in practice you won’t get that far. In our range testing, the Born completed 219 miles on a hot day and 190 miles in the cold. The 77kWh model is preferable if you frequently need to drive long distances because of its 341-mile official range. A 45kWh entry-level battery is also being developed, although it is unknown when it will be available in the UK.

Cupra Born Battery Life.

The net capacity of each Battery choice is 45kWh, 58kWh, and 77kWh, respectively. The formal WLTP test cycle estimates that the CUPRA Born has a range of about 540 kilometers on a single charge, making it ready to perform in the real world. The inbuilt thermal management system, which controls the temperature of the battery to keep it at an optimal level, aids in the system’s efficiency. A bottom plate with built-in water channels that is linked to the cooling circuit is part of the battery.

However, electrification isn’t only about vehicle range; recharging times are also a crucial usability indicator, and the CUPRA Born is also ready in this regard. With a 125 kW charging station, the high-performance EV can extend its range by 100 kilometers in as little as seven minutes, making routine trips just as quick and straightforward as those made with a combustion engine car. The battery pack may be recharged to 80% in as short as 35 minutes, even if its SOC is merely 5%.

Cupra Born Charging.

Because the CUPRA Born is flexible and can be connected to both DC and AC charging networks, charging the battery becomes quick, easy, and hassle-free whether you’re at home or on the go.

In order for CUPRA Born to continue to play a significant role in the customer’s life, CUPRA will supply the charging option that suits them the best. Customers may install a CUPRA-specific wallbox – CUPRA Charger (plug and play), CUPRA Chargers Connect (providing Wi-Fi connectivity), or CUPRA Charger Pro (containing 4G and Wi-Fi) – through the brand’s charging choices, allowing them full control over how and when they charge the CUPRA Born’s battery. The CUPRA Effortless Charging App, which lets you manage every aspect of charging regardless of the recharging infrastructure that is accessible, is the final solution.

Infotainment and Connectivity.

In addition to being the pinnacle of electrification and performance, CUPRA Born is also prepared to participate in the digital ecosystem by incorporating the most cutting-edge communication and infotainment systems to keep consumers in contact.

Infotainment and Connectivity.

A standard floating 12-inch infotainment system that highlights the high-performance brand’s most recent generation of technology enhances the systems. The system combines the advantages of voice control, physical buttons, and touch screen inputs with a 1,560 x 700-pixel display. The infotainment system may provide a variety of information and data, including contacts, music, 3D navigation, and a plethora of other features.

It serves as a bridge to keep consumers connected all the time. The infotainment system of the CUPRA Born may be connected to both iOS Car Play and Android Auto thanks to the Wireless Full Link technology. By enhancing engagement, capacitive touch technology makes interacting with the system rapid and precise.

Cupra Born Safety.

Travel Assist actively maintains the car in the center of the lane and adjusts speed to the flow of traffic, offering aided driving across the entire speed range. It does this by using data from the ACC or Lane Assist. In order to create a picture of the vehicle’s surroundings and any potential risks, onboard systems utilize data given by a variety of integrated sensors, including as radar, cameras, or ultrasonic sensors, as well as the information fed from outside sources.

Blind spot-filling side and exit assistance technology provides a visual and audio warning if you don’t notice something that is obscured from view. Exit Warning sounds an audible warning when you wish to exit your parked car and something or someone is nearby.

Cupra Born Driver-Assistance Features.

Predictive intelligent cruise control, travel assistance, side and exit assistance, recognition of traffic signs, emergency assistance, and pre-crash assistance are just a few of the wide-ranging and comprehensive systems available. The interactive virtual head-up display system places all support systems and the indicators that provide the driver with extremely useful information in the line of sight. In order to create a picture of the vehicle’s surroundings and any potential risks, onboard systems utilize data given by a variety of integrated sensors, including as radar, cameras, or ultrasonic sensors, as well as information supplied from outside sources.


With the debut of the new CUPRA Born in 2021, sustainable transportation will be available with the personality and vibrancy that vehicle aficionados want, but with a one-of-a-kind and special product for those seeking the most cutting-edge technology and the least amount of environmental impact. However, as the normal model has significant power at a standstill, it is difficult to see the e-effect Boost when driving, and the majority of hot hatchbacks are even faster. While PCP loan customers and drivers of company cars could argue that it’s worthwhile, private purchasers should carefully consider if the e-Boost is financially viable.

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