Lucid Electric Pickup 2027- Exposing the Best Future Pickup
Lucid Electric Pickup 2027- Exposing the Best Future Pickup

Lucid Electric Pickup 2027- Exposing the Best Future Pickup


The automotive industry is on the brink of a revolution, and everyone’s attention is focused on the Lucid Electric Pickup 2027, a potential opponent to Tesla’s Cybertruck. Let’s explore what sets these electric vehicles apart.

The Lucid Electric Pickup’s Journey, and What’s New in 2027?

At the recent Los Angeles Auto Show, the 2025 Lucid Gravity made its debut. This full-size seven-seater SUV comes with a sleek and minimalist cabin and an enticing starting price of under $80k. Now, the world of digital car content creators is buzzing with ideas, suggesting that Lucid might enter the electric pickup market to go head-to-head with the trendsetting Tesla Cybertruck.

Lucid Electric Pickup 2027 Release Dates

Although Lucid hinted at the possibility of a pickup at the 2023 edition of the LA Auto Show, nothing has been made official yet.

Affordability & Price Lucid Electric Pickup 2027

With an initial price point below $80k, the Lucid Gravity aims to shake up the market and confront the Tesla Model X directly. If the proposed Lucid electric pickup becomes a reality, it could further intensify the competition.

Design of Lucid Electric Pickup 2027.

Interior Experience

The Lucid Gravity offers a luxuriously minimalistic cabin, raising the bar for interior design in the electric SUV segment.

Exterior Style

While we can only speculate about the Lucid electric pickup’s exterior design, there is growing anticipation for a sleek and aerodynamic aesthetic that contrasts with the boldness of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Color Palette

Specific details about color options for the Lucid Electric Pickup are yet to be revealed. But all attention is focused on whether it can rival the Cybertruck’s distinctive design.

Comfort Level

With its seven-seater configuration, the Lucid Gravity SUV promises ultimate comfort. However, we still await details about the interior comfort of the potential Lucid electric pickup.

Performance of Lucid Electric Pickup 2027

EV Motor

The Gravity SUV showcases an impressive 900-volt electrical architecture, enabling ultra-fast charging rates and a peak power of approximately 800 horsepower. If the Lucid pickup comes to fruition, we could expect it to share these remarkable specifications.


The Gravity SUV boasts a remarkable range of “over 440 miles (ca. 708 kilometers),” surpassing the Tesla Model X. We anticipate a similar range for the potential Lucid electric pickup.

Lucid Electric Pickup 2027 Battery Performance

Specifics about the Lucid Electric Pickup’s battery life are yet to be revealed.

Charging system of Lucid Electric Pickup 2027

Charging Options (0% to 100%)

Details about the Lucid Electric Pickup’s capabilities for home and destination charging from 0% to 100% are still pending.

Fast Charging (10% to 100%)

The Gravity SUV impresses with ultra-fast charging rates of 350 kW at DC fast chargers. If the Lucid electric pickup follows suit, it could offer incredible charging speeds.

Infotainment and Connectivity

As of now, there is no information available regarding the Lucid Electric Pickup’s infotainment and connectivity features.

Driver-Assistance Functions

Similarly, information about driver-assistance features for the Lucid Electric Pickup is still pending.


As we eagerly await the potential unveiling of the Lucid Electric Pickup, it’s evident that the automotive industry is gearing up for a significant transformation. The competition with the Tesla Cybertruck adds an extra layer of excitement, as both manufacturers strive to redefine the future of electric vehicles. Stay tuned for official announcements as we approach the speculated 2027 model year.

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