Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Best Hatchback 2023
Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Best Hatchback 2023

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Best Hatchback 2023


The limited-edition Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Hatchback blends elegance, electric prowess, and a new, strong sound. 1949 units with unique artwork and an authenticated certificate with a number. The latest Scorpion transforms force into feelings and cutting-edge technology into adrenaline. and performance into sustainability. With the release of its brand-new Abarth 500e Scorpionissima, which is entirely electric, Scorpion is set to revolutionize the city vehicle market. Based on the most recent iteration of the classic Cinquecento, Abarth engineers had to reimagine the performance city vehicle and go from what they were most familiar with: lightweight turbocharged engines.

What’s New for 2023?

The American public’s love affair with Fiat 500 was brief but strong. It was one of the most well-liked cars on the market when it was originally released. It possessed all of the necessary characteristics—small, useful, affordable, enjoyable, and attractive—to sell like hotcakes. The classic Italian model, however, had just recently regained popularity after being essentially the same vehicle for too long with minimal modifications, finally being completely removed from the U.S. market. There is a popular variant called the Abarth 500e Scorpionissima, and Fiat just stated that the current generation completely 500e would be arriving to American shores in 2024.

Price of Abarth 500e Scorpionissima.

The new Abarth 500e is anticipated to start at about £35,000 when it is available in Scorpionissima launch edition form. This will include high-quality standard features and custom style. Later models should cost closer than £30,000; keep in mind that the MINI Electric starts at $29,000. In June 2023, the brand-new Abarth 500e is expected to go on sale. Prior to the introduction, prices will be disclosed, and reservations for the Scorpionissima launch edition will go on sale much in advance.

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Design.

Interior of Abarth 500e Scorpionissima.

It features a more hunched-down posture due to its wider track and longer wheelbase. A particularly athletic front bumper with an inset air dam painted in bright white and a sleek, closed-off appearance emphasizes this. Additionally, it has characteristic dark titanium grey Abarth lettering.

Interior of Abarth 500e Scorpionissima.

The cabin of the new vehicle resembles the Fiat 500e more closely. It has a reversing camera and a 10.25 inches central infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connections. The 7 inches digital driver display has visuals and readouts exclusive to the Abarth model. The main touchscreen’s “Performance Pages” let owners monitor a variety of features of their brand-new Abarth 500e. These also have distinctive Abarth graphics. Air conditioning climate control, wireless smartphone charging, and keyless entry with a new wearable Abarth key are all included as standard features.

With its aggressive and sharp look, holding performance, and 18″ Diamond Cut Titanium Gray alloy wheels, the Latest Abarth 500e Scorpionissima brings the driver nearer to the road. It also has a fixed glass top and rear privacy glass. It also has new titanium Grayish dashboard rings, steel door sill plates with just an Abarth lettering relief, sophisticated sporty steel pedals, and a kick plate with just an engraved emblem that bring racing sensations and the responsiveness of the vehicles that formed Abarth’s legacy to the road.

The Fresh Abarth 500e Scorpionissima is available in the electrifying Acid Green and Poison Blue body paint, 2 hues that further highlight the new Scorpion’s strong and unique character, making it stand out from other cars.

Along with Poison Blue straps for fold the front seats, the headliner & pillars have black trim. In order to justify these higher costs, the Abarth 500e boasts additional upscale materials and athletic features that, according to what we’re told, would give it a “distinct and special” experience. The latest Abarth 500e Scorpionissima also sports a dashboard with Alcantara embossing and matching steering wheel inlays. It also has double stitch door panels and a central armrest tunnel, as well as hip hugging leather sport seat with Alcantara accent.

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Exterior.

The Fiat 500 Electric is the ancestor of the current Abarth 500e Scorpionissima, which is bolder and more eye-catching in style. It boasts a considerably sportier front bumper with white front air dam and stylized intakes. Now there are no longer any “eyebrows” above the LED headlights. The Abarth 500e has distinctive chunky alloy wheels and titanium-gray mirror covers.

Additionally, the Abarth 500e has a brand-new Scorpion emblem. It is boldly mounted on the back of the body and is situated higher up here on bonnet after being “electrified” with a lightning bolt. The new 500e is made stand out by large “Abarth” writing on the front and back (again, in dark titanium grey). The new Abarth boasts dark-tinted rear glass and sporty-appearing front and back disc brakes. A roof spoiler helps to even out airflow, as well as the rear bumper, which has a diffuser shape, has additional white accents to match a front air dam.

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Colors.

Poison Blue or the striking Acid Green shown here are the two color options for the Scorpionissima variant. Customized Abarth side graphics emphasize its collectability.

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Comfort.

The maxim “larger is better” is ridiculed by this automobile. Alcantara that has been double-stitched surrounds the heated front seats.

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Comfort.

The front seats on the Abarth 500e are thickly bolstered and double-stitched in Alcantara. The headrest of the seats is laser-etched with the Acid Green Abarth insignia and has a warming function. The airbag cover with the Scorpion emblem, the blue center stripe, the colored stitching, and the leather & Alcantara accents are just a few of the changes made to the steering wheel. A high-end racing fabric that offers the best comfort and a dark, athletic appearance because to the headrest that is built in.

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Cargo.

Like you’d expect from a sporty hatchback, the rear end has larger rear bumpers and a sizable roof spoiler. To improve its road presence, the track—the space between the wheels—is also 60mm wider.

Performance Of Abarth 500e Scorpionissima.

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima EV Motor.

The new Abarth 500e has 155 PS, which is a useful 35 PS more than the Fiat 500e with the highest power. According to the business, the electric motor seems to be more sensitive and provides thrilling acceleration, especially in towns. While accelerating from 12 to 25 mph, it is startlingly quicker by 50%. Furthermore, the latest Abarth 500e Scorpionissima accelerates from 25 to 37 mph in under 1.5 seconds, which is a whole second faster.

The new Abarth accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 7.0 seconds, which is two seconds quicker than Fiat 500e. This is made possible by its increased torque, also known as pulling power. It is indeed almost as quick as the rare 180PS gasoline-powered Abarth 695. The new Abarth 500e circuits the company’s test track in Balocco and is a second quicker than Abarth 695 while accelerating from 37 to 62 mph.

Three performances-oriented driving modes, including Turismo, Scorpion Street, and Scorpion Track, will be available on the new Abarth 500e. Turismo offers a higher, yet still thrilling, degree of performance. For “one-pedal” driving, Scorpion Street offers maximum performance and strong regenerative braking. The greatest and most concentrated performance yield of all is provided by Scorpion Track.

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Range.

The baseline electric Fiat 500 has a 117-horsepower and 162-pound-feet torque output. With a single electric motor on the axle and a 42 kWh battery as its power source, the Abarth increases those numbers to 155 horsepower & 173 pound-feet of torque.

These figures might not seem like much, but they are sufficient to accelerate the tiny pocket rocket to 60 mph in only 7 seconds, which is a full two seconds quicker than its little sibling. A 42kWh battery powers the brand-new Abarth 500e. The business hasn’t yet provided range estimates, but given its sportier configuration and larger tyres, it presumably won’t match the 199 miles of 42kWh Fiat 500e.

It appears that the range will be roughly 185 miles. This new Abarth 500e can charge from 0% to 80% in 35 minutes thanks to its 85 kW quick charging capability. It takes less than 5 min to increase the range by 25 miles. The basic electric Fiat 500 seems to have a stated range of 199 miles on just a full charge, so anticipate a significant portion of it to be lost owing to the increased punch, although Abarth did not mention a precise range.

Surprisingly, the latest Abarth 500e makes up for the absence of engine noise with a wide variety of synthesized noises. It produces a “guitar strum” noise when you switch it on, then once you go above 12 mph for the first time, it makes more “strumming guitar” noises. The sound generator may also simulate the “roar” of an Abarth gasoline engine. The business claims that its extremely detailed and adaptable technology would thrill owners.

Battery Life of Abarth 500e Scorpionissima.

This Abarth 500e target urban drivers like the fully electric Fiat 500e, with the distinction being that it provides more “hardcore excitement” than the Fiat 500e. The 42 kWh onboard EV battery in the Abarth electric is comparable to that in the Fiat 500e. The company has not yet disclosed the EV’s WLTP range, but we may anticipate that it will be comparable to the Fiat 500 electrical car’s stated WLTP range of 199 miles. In any event, the 42 kW EV batteries will provide a realistic and usable electric range considering that the majority of journeys to urban driving are brief.

Compared to the Fiat 500e, the new Abarth 500e sports a wider track and a larger wheelbase. This helps to improve driving dynamics and gives it a more powerful attitude on the road. And including sharper corner entrance and greater cornering and departure speeds, it will have superior balance and quicker reactions. It should feel grounded and steady due to the batteries’ low center of gravity.

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Charging.

The Abarth EV comes equipped with DC quick charging upto 85 kW. In 35 minutes, the electric automobile may receive an 80% charge. The EV also features an onboard 11 kW AC (3-phase) charger. The battery may be completely charged within 4 hours and fifteen minutes for those who have access to three phase charging either home or at work.

Abarth 500e Scorpionissima Charging.

Do bear in mind that single-phase power supplies (7.4 kW), which are used to power the majority of UK houses, result in lengthier charging periods. With just 5 min of charge, the battery supposedly increases its range to up to 25 miles, and 35 minutes with 85 kW DC rapid charging is just needed to replenish the battery up to 80%.

Infotainment and Connectivity.

A JBL sound system with an Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and 10.25-inch touchscreen screen are included. Other choices include automated temperature control, lighting, and windshield wipers. Keyless entry, a 360-degree camera, and wireless phone charging are further features. A jolt of adrenaline is required for the cheap EV industry.

Safety of Abarth 500e Scorpionissima.

The Abarth Performance Page function, which lets users monitor their car’s performance, also appears on the infotainment system. The 500e has a Sound Generator function that, in addition to enhancing performance, produces a distinctive Abarth roar during accelerating that is evocative of an Abarth gasoline engine.

When the automobile is started or stopped, the Sound Generator causes the cabin to produce the sounds of a guitar being strung. The Abarth 500e has lane keeping assistance, traction control, blind spot warnings, intelligent speed assistant, automated emergency braking featuring pedestrian and cyclist recognition, and other driver assistance features.

Driver-Assistance Features of Abarth 500e Scorpionissima.

Six airbags and the most cutting-edge ADAS technologies are included in the New Abarth 500e Scorpionissima to provide the safest driving experience possible.

  • Information about Traffic Signs
  • autonomous emergency braking system with bike and pedestrian detection
  • Automatic Speed Assistant
  • Lane Maintaining Assist
  • Driver Slump Detection
  • Attention, please
  • Cruising mode
  • Blind spot alert
  • Call for help


The Abarth brand is now available in several worldwide regions after evolving from a “performance tuner” to a “full fledged brand.” Surprisingly, Brazil outpaces their native market of Italy in terms of size. The corporation refers to the brand’s devoted customer base as its “tribe” 95 groups throughout the world have 160,000 members of the tribe.

The company’s motto is “little automobiles, big enjoyment.” The firm sees itself as “performance makers” and “in the wow factor business.” A fresh portfolio of vehicles and international growth are now priorities for Abarth. Keep checking back.

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