Tesla Model 3 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs
Tesla Model 3 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs

Tesla Model 3 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs


This Tesla Model 3 2024 would be an electric car that matches up to expectations with a nearly perfect balance of performance, riding range, and affordable cost. The Tesla Model 3 is an EV that driving aficionados like us can support, since it is swift—especially the Performance trim—and nimble. Even more, we included it in our list of 2024 editors’ picks. The mid-level Long Range trim’s outstanding driving range of 358 miles (ca. 576 km) per charge negates the need to recharge the Tesla Model 3 each day. The Model 3’s promise isn’t fully realized, though, and its finish and fit aren’t nearly on par with rivals like the Chevy Bolt with Ford Mustang Mach E.

What has changed for Tesla Model 3 2024?

Standard Ranging from the previous model year, which utilized a battery pack comprised of nickel-cobalt-aluminum, has been replaced by Rear-Wheel Drive. The anticipated range with this entry-level model has risen to 272 miles (ca. 438 kilometers), despite having a less energy-dense battery pack than the previous one.

The Long-Range model, which provides a projected 358 mile (ca. 576 km) of driving distance per charge, is what we’d the predicted driving range for the Long Range trim for this year has been raised slightly to 358 miles (ca. 576 km) per charge. Despite being a fantastic deal, the base rear-wheel drive model’s predicted mileage of 272 miles (ca. 438 km) may cause range anxiety in certain drivers. Advise. Heated front seats, GPS, and Tesla’s Autopilot moderately driving system are all included on every Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 2024 EV Performance, Power, and Motor

Like other EVs, the Tesla Model 3 2024 runs smoothly, almost silently, and with tremendous power. And in some cuts, it moves quickly. The rear-wheel drives Long Range vehicle we tested reached miles per hour in 5.1 seconds when under acceleration. In comparison to our long-range Tesla Model 3 Long Range, the Model 3 Perform accelerates to 60 mph (ca. 97 km/h) in only 3.5 seconds, 0.5-second time savings. Like every other Tesla, its Model 3’s battery is located beneath the floor, providing it a reduced gravity center.

Tesla Model 3 2024 EV Performance, Power, and Motor
Photo By Tesla

As a result, it can make tight turns and feel stable and grounded when making curves. The steering is accurate and appropriately weighted, and there are three unique settings to alter the steering effort. Although the ride was firm without even being unpleasant, you can still hear a lot of noise within the cabin when the tires thwack as well as they thrum over potholes in the pavement.

Tesla Model 3 2024 Battery Life, Charging, and Range

Each of the three current Tesla Model 3 2024 trims has a different anticipated driving range. The conventional rear-wheel drive model is the most economical, with a declared range of 272 miles (ca. 438 km). When updating to those variants, the Variant 3’s estimated range rises to 315 miles (ca. 507 kilometers) for the model developed and an astounding 358 miles (ca. 576 km) the such Long-Range model. Of course, traveling this far is challenging, as we discovered with our extended Longer-Range Model 3 test car. Tesla’s networks of fast-charging stations known as Superchargers, adapter for DC public charging stations, 240- or 120-volt outlets, as well as a home charging station, are all available for the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 2024 Fuel efficiency and actual MPGe

The EPA gives the different Model 3 models ratings ranging 113 MPGe to 141 MPGe. However, when we put our test car through its paces on a 75-mph highway fuel-economy test, it only got 84 MPGe. The Model 3 comes standard with aluminum wheels covered by plastic hubcaps featuring aerodynamic patterns. We put those hubcaps to the test to see how significant they would affect the car’s range, and we were surprised to find because they generated more than we initially anticipated.

Tesla Model 3 2024 Interior, comfort, and cargo

The enormous touchscreen in the dashboard, which manages almost everything, is surprisingly simple inside. The Tesla’s interior has a spacious, open sensation because of its low, flat floor.

Tesla Model 3 2024 Interior, comfort, and cargo
Photo By Tesla

Adults won’t be capable of spending much time in the back seats since they are too small and unpleasant, while the front seat are supporting and comfy.

Tesla Model 3 2024 Interior, comfort, and cargo
Photo By Tesla

Simply dividing the 40-60 rear seat may greatly increase the trunk’s size. The Model 3’s setbacks may also be pushed flat to create an uninterrupted cargo floor for carrying heavy items. 15 carry-on bags can fit in the Tesla Model 3 2024 when the rear seats are folded. A lot of capacious cubbies and bins are also scattered around the cabin.

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