2024 Opel Astra Electric: Unveiling Price, Release Date, and Specifications
2024 Opel Astra Electric: Unveiling Price, Release Date, and Specifications

2024 Opel Astra Electric: Unveiling Price, Release Date, and Specifications


Opel has unveiled the first battery-electric five-door and estate versions of the company’s little Opel Astra Electric vehicle. The Astra line is now complete with the battery-electric model. This model naming Astra Electric rather than Astra-e is arguably the biggest surprise, as both technology and design are already well-known.

That there wouldn’t be any surprises inside the design was all but obvious. After all, the Generation 6 of the Opel small model, which was unveiled in September 2021, hardly changed the design of the preceding electric models’ electric versions in addition to sporting the new Rüsselsheim business brand. The black “Opel Vizor” on the front is meant to represent the brand, and the parent business Stellantis is renowned for its use of similar parts, so an individual design would not have made much sense. For several reasons, the plan does not call for a distinct front portion for Astra Electric.

What’s New?

This new Opel Astra Electric’s front-axle-mounted electric motor has 156 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque; this increase in torque is essentially the only notable difference between it and its French cousin, which has 260 Nm. The engines can only generate these specifications in Sport traction motors, as well as the indicators, are dimmed in Normal and Eco modes. The lithium-ion battery used in the 54 kWh battery pack (51 kWh total) has a cathode made of an alloy of lithium, nickel, manganese, and cobalt. On the WLTP cycle, a charge time should last about 416 kilometers.

The battery can be charged from 20% to 80% within 26 minutes using a 100 kW DC connector, compared to the built-in AC charger’s 11 kW capability. The vehicle can go at a top speed of 170 km/h. Although electric vehicles are available in luxurious trim levels featuring matrix headlamps, a 10-inch dashboard display, and other amenities, the newer Astra Electric is essentially identical inside and out to older variants.

Opel Astra Electric Price.

The first deliveries of the upcoming Opel Astra Electric Hatchback will begin in June 2024, and orders will be taken starting at the beginning of the following year. Orders for the Sports Tourer Estate variant will open in the summer of 2019 and cars will arrive at UK dealers by the end of the year. Although the price for the UK has not yet been determined, you can anticipate that this EV will cost somewhat more than its petrol-powered competitors. around £40,000

Opel Astra Electric Interior.

The wheelbase of the new Astra Hatchback is 13 mm larger than the previous model, at 2,675 mm, boosting internal room while being 4 mm longer (4,374) than the previous model.

Opel Astra Electric Interior.

The adaptive Active Sports seats, which are optionally obtainable in Alcantara, give Astra Electric passengers and drivers the greatest degree of seating comfort in the style of Opel. The cabin also offers a particularly dramatic driving experience. The chairs, which have received certification from the Campaign for Healthier Backs (AGR; Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.), provide exceptional lateral stability and a variety of manual and electronic adjustment options. The driver gets a special feeling behind the wheel and feels even more securely attached to the car as a result.

Opel Astra Electric Exterior.

At first look, this new Astra Electric gives off a direct, energetic driving impression. The all-electric Astra is bold and simple in its design, with Opel Vizor branding face and an additional athletic front bumpers design in every trim level. The standard 18-inch alloy wheels with a diamond-cut or all-black finish are another eye-catcher.

Opel Astra Electric Exterior.

The fresh Opel Astra Electric renders it very obvious that a new chapter in the Opel small class is beginning that is emotional, thrilling, and entirely electric for the first time. A head-up display with intelligent lighting with 84 LEDs for each headlamp are optional feature. These lights may respond to incoming traffic by automatically dimming individual bulbs to prevent glare.

Opel Astra Electric Colors.

Opel selected two fresh, striking colors for the award-winning Mokka as well as the new Astra, respectively, taking into account the variations in design between them. The Mokka is green, while the Astra is yellow. Another appropriate color for just a smokeless electric vehicle is green. The elegant mica or metallic colors that are also quite popular with clients in that market sector are ideally suited for a compact-class vehicle like the Astra.

Opel Astra Electric Comfort.

On the inside, we discover the head-up display, a Pure Panels digital dashboard with two 10-inch screens, and multi-adjustable sports seats with AGR approval that may be optionally covered in Alcantara. The majority of the time, it’s comfy, and because it’s an Opel as well as a German car, it is indeed “Autobahnproof,” so it feels secure on the freeway. Starting the Astra lineup is a 1.2-liter petrol engine including an automatic or manual transmission. A 1.5-liter diesel engine is also available.

Opel Astra Electric Cargo.

Since the batteries are essentially kept in the underbody, there is no inside room lost for passengers and baggage. The Astra Sports Tourer Electric has 516 liters of trunk space even with the back seats up; when the seats are folded down, the capacity rises to 1,553 liters. Another benefit: As is customary for Opel, the Astra Electric and Astra Sports Tourer Electric have a safe and secure posture on the road thanks to the low place of the battery.

Opel Astra Electric EV Motor.

The engine and battery combination used in the new Vauxhall Astra Electrical Hatchback are the same. With a 54kWh battery and a single 156 hp motor, the front wheels are propelled. This gives each of these vehicles a stated range of 258 miles, about 8 miles greater than the MG 5, but not enough to surpass the longest-range Volkswagen ID3’s 336 miles. Additionally, it has 10 more miles of range than the upcoming Peugeot e-308, a vehicle that shares a battery and engine with the new Astra Electric.

Opel Astra Electric Range.

With no local emissions, this new Astra Electric offers pure driving enjoyment. With its strong 270 Newton meters of maximum torque and 115 kW/156 hp, the electric motor ensures quick starts and persuading acceleration from the moment the accelerator pedal is depressed. Fresh Astra Electric does have a peak speed of 170 km/h, whereas many other electric vehicles are restricted to 150 or 160 km/h. Astra Electric drivers may select between the three settings Eco, Normal, and Sport based on their driving preferences.

Opel Astra Electric Battery Life.

A lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 54 kWh houses the energy. The fresh Astra Electric could go up to 416 kilometers locally emission-free thanks to the 102 battery cells installed in 17 modules and compliant with WLTP1. The engineers gave effective packaging a high priority but were able to guarantee a superb range with a small battery capacity. The new Astra Electric, available as a five-door model or a Sports Tourer estate, uses just 12.7 kWh of power per 100 kilometers (14.9 kWh, according to WLTP3), making this not only the appropriate, economical car for daily usage but also an excellent companion which saves time on longer travels.

Opel Astra Electric Charging.

Even so, recharging the battery-powered Astra only necessitates a brief “pit break” at a charging station. At a 100 kilowatt direct current rapid charging station, the Astra Electric could be charged to 80% of its battery capacity in around 30 minutes. Additionally, a three-phase 11-kilowatt onboard charge for the home wall box is included as standard equipment with the all-electric Astra.

Opel Astra Electric Infotainment and Connectivity.

As a result, there are two 10-inch screens on the dashboard: one for the driver’s display and one for the infotainment. Additionally, standards are Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. While there are physical weather control switches on the dashboard as well, you can also manage many automobile settings using voice requests.

Opel Astra Electric Infotainment and Connectivity.

The primary screen as well as the instrument panel are two 10-inch screens that are side by side on the long, flat fascia, which also features an incorporated air vent. There are still physical controls in the cockpit for various operations, such as heating and cooling. Opel claims that one of the active safety measures enables “semi-autonomous” lane changes. According to the specifications, the vehicle will also automatically slow down for sharp turns and, in the case of the automated version, immediately stop the vehicle in traffic.

Opel Astra Electric Safety.

Numerous ADAS are included in safety equipment. Depending on the situation, the driver may choose between the three driving modes of Eco, Normal, and Sport, which prioritize range or performance. Although the business withheld acceleration data, the peak speed is capped at 170 km/h (106 mph). It will be fascinating to see if the Astra Electric has a faster straight-line speed than the Astra GSe, the more potent plug-in hybrid. The Opel Visor grille’s intakes and slits are still there, and the only visual cues to the model’s zero-emission status are the “e” emblem on the tailgate and the lack of exhaust pipes, as the charging outlet is situated right next to the gas tap for petrol-powered variations.

Opel Astra Electric Driver-Assistance Features.

Additionally, drivers’ eyes may remain fixed on the road as well as the traffic conditions thanks to the big E-HUD head-up displays and natural speech recognition. Numerous assistance systems, including the class-leading, responsive Intelli-Lux LED® Pixel Light including a total of 168 LED elements and active lane, continue to assist, drowsiness detection, rear cross-traffic alert, and semi-automated lane change are included in the new Intelli-Drive 2.0 and further improve safety.


Even this writer gave the Astra a very high reliability rating since she considered it to be practically indestructible and sold it after driving it more than 350,000 kilometers. The Astra is not renowned for having any manufacturing flaws, and if the maintenance plan is followed, it may serve several generations of drivers.  

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