Lotus Eletre 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs
Lotus Eletre 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs

Lotus Eletre 2024 Price, Release Date and Specs

The British sports car company Lotus Cars will soon release the Lotus Eletre 2024, a mid-size luxury crossover SUV with high-performance battery power. The company’s first manufacturing SUV and its first car made in China were both announced on March 29, 2022.


The British automaker Lotus, best known for producing lightweight, high-performance sports cars in small quantities, is departing from this tried-and-true advertising tactic with a brand-new model that is unlike any Lotus before it. The new Lotus Eletre 2024 is an electric SUV with excellent performance that will be produced in China and go on sale in the United States sometime in 2024.

The Lotus Eletre 2024 promises to have great acceleration because of its electric motors, which will have at least 600 horsepower, while being far heavier than any other Lotus vehicles due to its massive battery pack.The Audi e-tron and BMW iX are just two other electric SUV models that Lotus hopes to compete with, but the Eletre is strikingly similar to the mind-blowing Lamborghini Urus.

Lotus Eletre 2024 Price

According to Lotus, the Eletre will be available in Base, S, and R variants, with a starting price of less than $85,000. The base or S trims, both of which have an electric motor with a 602-hp rating that is less potent but still fairly powerful and a projected driving range of around 315 miles per charge, are the ones we recommend sticking with to optimise range.

Lotus Eletre 2024 Design

The brand-new Lotus Eletre 2024 is neither a modified sports car nor a boxy, high-riding off-road vehicle. It has sharply sculpted doors and a sloping roofline like a coupe, but these features are all supported by enormous alloy wheels up to 23 inches (ca. 58 cm) in diameter that can only be found on a sports SUV.

Lotus Eletre 2024 Interior

In the past, Lotus produced some of the most bare-bones sports cars available. Those times are long gone, if the Lotus Eletre 2024 is any indication. This brand-new EV SUV has a luxurious interior and is fully equipped.

Lotus Eletre Interior

The high center console is meant to give you the feeling of being enclosed as in a classic sports car, but the enormous 15.1-inch landscape touchscreen (which folds down when you turn it on) seems like it belongs in a luxurious saloon. A head-up display with augmented reality is available, as are two additional screens (one for the driver and one for the passenger).

Cargo, and Comfort

The Lotus Eletre 2024 will be available as a five-seater with a triple rear bench or as a four-seater with two individual cushions in the back. Interesting materials, like microfiber, stitched leather, fabric, and milled bronze accents, are used throughout the cabin.

Cargo, and Comfort

High-bolstered sports seats may be seen in images, which gives us optimism for the Eletre’s respective characteristics.

Lotus Eletre 2024 Performance

EV Motor

The Eletre’s standard powertrain is an all-wheel drive dual-motor system with 602 horsepower.According to Lotus, the top-spec R has an astounding 906 horsepower. And can reach 62 mph (ca. 100 kilometers per hour) in only 2.9 seconds. Lotus boasts that the Eletre can reach 62 mph (ca. 100 kilometers per hour) in just 4.5 seconds. We predict Lotus will offer its first SUV crisp handling and a fun-to-drive attitude, even if the sports car manufacturer hasn’t yet revealed any details about the structure or handling of the Eletre.


In tests using the European WLTP cycle, Lotus estimates that the Eletre’s battery pack will have a capacity of 112.0 kWh and that both the base and S variants will have a driving range of 373 miles (ca. 600 kilometers). In light of this, the EPA rating for use in the United States is most likely less than that, at roughly 315 miles (ca. 507 kilometers) per charge.

Battery of Lotus Eletre 2024

Battery packs with outputs between 600 and 750 hp and 92 to 120 kWh will be available for the Lotus Eletre trim levels (450 and 560 kW; 610 and 760 PS). Some variants can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in less than three seconds. [6] 600 km is the intended maximum WLTP driving range for the vehicle (370 mi (ca. 595 kilometers)).

Lotus Eletre 2024 Fuel efficiency and actual MPGe

We haven’t gotten a chance to test the electric SUV ourselves, and the EPA hasn’t yet revealed its fuel economy predictions for the Eletre.

Fuel efficiency and actual MPGe

When we do, we’ll try it out on our 75 mph (ca. 121 kilometers per hour) interstate trip for fuel efficiency and update this article with the findings.

Lotus Eletre 2024 Information and Connection

The dashboard is highlighted by a huge 15.1-inch display that houses the Geely, the parent company’s, ECARX infotainment system, which is also included in the Smart #1 SUV that isn’t sold in the US. Standard features will include a head-up display, a better music system with 23 loudspeakers and 1500 watts, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

Information and Connection

Lotus Eletre 2024 Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

According to Lotus, the Eletre’s several LIDAR sensors mounted on the roof and front wheel arches will enable it to function in a semi-autonomous mode. The sensors rise out of the bodywork when not in use and retract back into it. However, the business has not yet specified which driver-assistance capabilities will be required and which will be optional. Probably important safety features will be:

  • pedestrian identification in automatic emergency braking standards
  • Lane-keeping assistance and the standard lane-departure warning
  • Lane-centering adaptive cruise control is an option.


Lotus Cars Europe reserves the ability to adjust prices based on extenuating circumstances, including but not limited to homologation data, material availability, delivery costs, inflation, and any applicable local taxes.

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