Latest Concept Car 2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV
Latest Concept Car 2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV

Latest Concept Car 2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV


At the CES 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, which opened on January 9, local time in the United States, Honda officially released two “Honda 0″ series pure electric concept cars, namely ” SALOON ” and ” SPACE-HUB” “. The 2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV car will be built using Honda’s latest concepts and will be the first to feature Honda’s new LOGO.

Photo from Honda

It will be launched first in the North American market in 2026, and will be later launched in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America and other places.

What’s New for 2027 Honda SALOON EV SUV?

The current “H” logo system was launched in 1981 and is still in use today. When developing a new generation of pure electric vehicles, Honda has re-upgraded the iconic “H” logo of its automotive products to demonstrate its determination to change and its corporate attitude of returning to the origin, continuing to challenge and innovate.

 “H” logo
Photo from Honda

The new “H” logo is like open hands, reflecting the expansion of mobility possibilities and an attitude of actively facing users. The new “H” logo will begin to be applied to new electric vehicle products including the “Honda 0” series of pure electric vehicles.

2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV Exterior and Body Size

The 2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV concept car will become the flagship model of the “Honda 0” series and will be produced on a dedicated platform for electric vehicles. The mass-produced model will be the first to land in the North American market in 2026. From the appearance, we can clearly see the new car’s efforts in reducing wind resistance, and the wedge-shaped front design also looks like it will become a new trend. The grille is equipped with a large-size screen to add a sense of ceremony, with the new brand LOGO embedded in it and surrounded by LED light sources for embellishment. In addition, the headlight shape is very retro, which makes it more recognizable.

2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV Exterior and Body Size
Photo from Honda

Looking from the side of the body, the new 2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV car has a very smooth roof line. The overall shape is like a supercar, the lower body is equipped with an aerodynamic design, and the wheels adopt a low wind resistance shape. At the rear of the 2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV car, the upper part of the car adopts a similar design technique to the front of the car and is not equipped with a traditional rear windshield. The lower part is equipped with an exaggerated aerodynamic design. It is worth mentioning that the car also uses a gull-wing door opening method, which is very attractive.

2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Entering the 2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV car, the new car also shows us our vision for future travel. The overall interior design is very simple. The steering wheel will use linear control wheel steering. The car is not equipped with an instrument panel. It is expected to use a HUD head-up display and central control. The screen and passenger screen are perfectly integrated with the shape of the center console. The bucket seats show a strong sense of sportiness and are also equipped with a display screen behind the seat back for entertainment for rear passengers.

2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV Interior, Comfort, and Cargo
Photo from Honda

The “SPACE-HUB” concept car seems to be positioned as an MPV model. Its overall appearance design is in the same vein as the 2027 Honda Saloon EV SUV concept car, but it can be seen that it has made considerable compromises for the sake of internal space. There is a very spacious space inside the car, and the rear seats have an opposite-seat layout, which is very warm. It is worth mentioning that the official has not announced the specific mass production time of the car, but from the perspective of product positioning, foreign media speculate that the car is likely to become the successor of the Odyssey.


“0” means Honda‘s origin, and it also becomes Honda’s new starting point in the electrification era. Honda uses “The Power of Dreams—How we move you” as its global brand slogan and insists on using “dreams” as its source to create a new value experience from scratch. It has also become a new starting point for people’s lives and a new driving force for travel. In addition, “0” is also a goal, indicating zero environmental load in all corporate activities and the entire product life cycle; and zero deaths in traffic accidents involving Honda’s motorcycles and cars.

In the future, the “Honda 0” series will take “Thin, Light, Wise (thin, light, smart)” and five core values ​​as its research and development path. “Thin” means lowering the floor height, flattening the electric vehicle platform, and achieving outstanding performance. Aerodynamic performance. “Light” means redefining the driving pleasure of electric vehicles with a light and smooth driving experience and low energy consumption. “Wise” means giving cars intelligent life through continuously innovative intelligent technology and realizing Honda’s unique “software-defined car”.

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