2025 Fisker Alaska Pickup Truck Price, Design, Spec & Launch Date
2025 Fisker Alaska Pickup Truck Price, Design, Spec & Launch Date

2025 Fisker Alaska Pickup Truck Price, Design, Spec & Launch Date


Production of Fisker’s electric truck 2025 Fisker Alaska will begin in the first quarter of 2025 and will be provided to the North American and European markets. Its exterior design and body materials are easier to pass safety regulations, it has a strong carrying capacity and a cruising range of up to 547 kilometers. The current European price and launch time have not been announced, but production capacity is limited.

2025 Fisker Alaska Pickup Truck
Photo from FISKER

What’s New for 2025 Fisker Alaska?

As an emerging electric vehicle brand in the United States, Fisker has emerged quite quickly. Its electric truck Alaska has attracted a lot of attention since its launch. Now the vehicle will also reach a new milestone.

Alaska’s official appearance was at last year’s Fisker Product Vision Day, which also included Pear, Ronin and other cars. Fisker recently stated that in the future, Alaska will follow the current Ocean SUV model and be sold simultaneously in the North American and European markets. According to information disclosed by the factory to foreign media Autocar, Alaska will start production and manufacturing in the first quarter of 2025. Besides supplying the North American market, it will also be exported to Europe.

2025 Fisker Alaska Price.

The anticipated starting price for the 2025 Fisker Alaska is approximately $45,400, with potential variations up to $75,000 based on chosen trim levels and optional features.

2025 Fisker Alaska Exterior Design.

Compared with its main rival Tesla Cybertruck, Alaska adopts an appearance design and body materials that are more similar to ordinary vehicles. It can also be regarded as a version of the Ocean SUV with a cargo bed, so it is difficult to pass EU vehicle safety regulations. It is naturally easier than the Cybertruck, which has sharp corners and a body made of stainless steel.

Photo from FISKER

The design of this 2025 Fisker Alaska is quite thoughtful, and the exterior design is also very avant-garde. The tall front face is a common closed grille design, but the recessed shape and the fog lights extending to both sides make the car more avant-garde. The front face has a tough style that is not found in similar models.

Besides these details, the design of the bumper also takes a hard-core direction. In addition to using a matte black guard plate, it also has accessories similar to tow hooks. Let alone whether it can be used, the visual effect is already very good.

Photo from FISKER

The side of 2025 Fisker Alaska continues this high-waistline design. The thick front and huge wheels conceal its true size. The low cabin interior combines the lines of a sedan. Some accessories are also unique, such as the width indicator lights on the C-pillar, hidden door handles with LEDs, and the luggage rack above.

Photo from FISKER

The tail design also goes beyond the boundaries of a pickup truck. In fact, apart from the cargo bed, it looks more like an SUV. Alaska cleverly uses symmetrical LED light strips to create a different style of tail design.

2025 Fisker Alaska Interior, Comfort, and Cargo.

As for the interior, only some partial designs have been displayed. Unlike the rough interior of ordinary pickup trucks, the Alaska’s interior appears to be very high end. It creates a unique home style through wood grain interior and a large amount of suede.

Photo from FISKER

Some details are also very thoughtful, such as the storage compartment on the roof, which is really a good choice to put a cowboy hat. There is also plastic material behind the bucket seat. Of course, the rear window that can be lowered is also a conventional design.

2025 Fisker Alaska EV Motor, Power, and Performance

In terms of power, the top-end version is equipped with dual motors with a maximum power of 550 horsepower.

Photo from FISKER

And the acceleration time from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers is expected to be around 4 seconds, while the entry-level version has a single motor with a maximum power of 275 horsepower and can accelerate to 100 kilometers in 7 seconds. To cruise range, it is expected to be equipped with battery packs of 75kWh and 113kWh specifications, and is expected to provide a WLTP pure electric cruising range of 368km/544km.

2025 Fisker Alaska Range, Charging, and Battery Life

For a truck, the carrying capacity is very important. Through Houdini’s adjustment mode, the length of Alaska’s lathe can be extended from 1.3 meters to 2.8 meters. The electric range is also quite reliable, with options of 75kWh and 113kWh. The battery capacity and cruising range are 370 and 547 kilometers respectively, and the 0-96km/h acceleration only takes 3.9 seconds. At present, Fisker has not announced the price and launch time of Alaska in Europe, but sources pointed out that because of production capacity, the number of vehicles the factory can provide to Europe is not many.

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