The Apple Electric Car Delaying the Launch until 2026 | Release Date & Price
The Apple Electric Car Delaying the Launch until 2026 | Release Date & Price

The Apple Electric Car Delaying the Launch until 2026 | Release Date & Price

With its high-end products like the iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and Apple Watch, Apple has established itself as a premium electronics brand. The Cupertino tech behemoth is prepared to leap significantly with the first Apple Electric Car. Long-running speculations suggest that the self-driving Apple Electric car is developing and will become a reality by 2025.

According to certain online rumors, Apple electric car project has reportedly experienced a setback. The Cupertino tech giant’s expected electric car, which was scheduled to launch in 2025, may debut in 2026.

After significantly departing from the consumer electronics industry, Apple began working on its first-ever electric vehicle a few years ago. Apple previously estimated that the Titan project would be finished by 2025 when it would build its electric vehicle. However, we will have to wait another year to drive the Apple Electric car.

Why Is Apple Pushing Back the Release of Its Electric Car to 2026?

According to reports, the leading causes of the Apple electric car’s launch delay are a significant redesign and the addition of functionality. A fully autonomous car with self-driving capabilities was the brand’s original goal. The Apple Electric vehicle with self-driving capabilities may become a reality in the future, but not right now. Additionally, because the previous prototype was designed as a fully driverless car, it had no steering control.

It was based on a limousine style, with the passengers sitting face to face. With the addition of a driver’s seat, steering wheel, and pedals for braking and acceleration, the brand will return to the more traditional car design. Apple will introduce a self-driving option, but it will only be applicable on highways. Users can watch videos or play games while driving hands-free and using this mode. Additionally, according to online reports, the self-driving mode would first be introduced to the Apple Electric Car in North America before being made available in additional areas.

Release Date & Price

In 2026, Apple Electric Car will go on sale for about $100,000 (approx. Rs. 81,53,449). It is less expensive now. Apple has previously projected the price of an electric vehicle to be $120,000. However, the technologies and the idea of a completely driverless vehicle will go down.

New Features for Apple Electric Car

Stuart Bowers, a former manager at Tesla, and Ulrich Kranz, the former CEO of Canoo, lead the car’s design. The Apple vehicle team has about 1,000 workers distributed throughout the globe.

Interestingly, Apple is reportedly developing a “Rocket Score” to assess the level of autonomous driving in the Apple Car. However, the organization’s founder quit Apple earlier this year after publicly criticizing the company’s drive for work-from-home policies.

Before the Apple Electric Car, we might see a foldable iPhone Flip. Other projects are also experiencing delays. Our knowledge of the potential release date delay to late 2023 for the reported Apple VR/AR headset came this week.

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