New leaks about Xiaomi Electric Car, Price, and Versions.
New leaks about Xiaomi Electric Car, Price, and Versions.

New leaks about Xiaomi Electric Car, Price, and Versions.

With its 12S Ultra flagship device, Xiaomi has made the news. This time, the company’s planned EV automobile has been put back in the report. According to the latest news, Xiaomi will reveal its first electric vehicle (EV) in August.


New Leaks about Xiaomi Electric Car are the latest news on the internet. The article references sources from within the business and affiliate companies. The Xiaomi Technology Park has a special section for electric vehicles.

Lei Jun, the company’s founder, is rumored to spend around two-thirds of his time there whenever he is at the corporate headquarters and will present the engineering prototype of the Xiaomi EV Car. The only thing known for sure regarding New Leaks about Xiaomi Electric Car’s debut electric vehicle is that HVST Automobile Design will produce it. It is the business that created the Maven concept automobile by Weltmeister. A few images of the alleged Xiaomi electric vehicle have been discovered online; they display the exact Maven vehicle but with Xiaomi’s branding imprinted on top of it.

When she showed the potential of her autonomous driving at a convention, Xiaomi brought up the details of his first electric vehicle. Now that we have a better idea of the approximate cost of this electric car from Xiaomi. The Chinese government is also having some minor issues with this project, and we also find out to what market sector this Xiaomi electric car will belong.

New Leaks about Xiaomi Electric Car’s price

In 2024, Xiaomi plans to mass-produce its first electric vehicle, with 300 cars produced yearly. At the very least, this should be the pricing for a less basic version since the cost should be at most 44 euros. Even so, it would be less expensive than Tesla, it’s rival from the US. The business asked users of the Chinese social media site Weibo how much they would be ready to pay for an electric automobile from Xiaomi in a study performed there over a year ago. The converted price at the time, 43 500 euros, received less than 1% of the vote.

Even though the project’s 500 million euros initial investment is not insignificant, agreements with other businesses mean that the Xiaomi car may end up being one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market.

Versions Of Xiaomi Electric Car

People repeatedly get into gossip in New Leaks about Xiaomi Electric Car. There will be two variations of this electric car: the more affordable one will operate at 400 V, while the more expensive one will deliver 800 V, a more powerful driving system, and better driving autonomy.

One of the first companies to join the initiative was HESAI, a producer of LiDAR scanners and radars. They play an important role in autonomous driving. They are also known as ADAS and can detect other cars, objects, and people in front of and behind the car. Not only that, but they can also determine whether vehicles are in the driver’s blind zone.

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