10 Billion R&D How Much Does Mi SU7 Price Sell For, Lei Jun Officially Responds.
10 Billion R&D How Much Does Mi SU7 Price Sell For, Lei Jun Officially Responds.

10 Billion R&D How Much Does Mi SU7 Price Sell For, Lei Jun Officially Responds.


Although it is just a technical conference, and although the conference has not started yet, the various news revealed with Mi SU7 Price by Lei Jun still makes rice fans excited. After all, this is Xiaomi’s first car, and it is also the dream car of countless people, so the various developments of this car have attracted the attention of countless people. Lei Jun also knows where many people are paying attention to this car, so before the press conference, Lei Jun still revealed some key information.

Name Unveiled: Xiaomi SU7, Embodying Speed Ultra

As for the name of Xiaomi’s car, the database of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has previously given it. It is called Xiaomi SU7, which is the abbreviation of Speed ​​Ultra, which means high performance. You must know that high performance has always been in Xiaomi’s DNA. No matter what product it makes, high performance is indispensable. Tesla doesn’t make slow cars, so Xiaomi naturally wants to work with him.

Mi SU7 Price

Mi SU7 Price

I think what everyone is most interested in is its Mi SU7 Price. After all, no matter how good the product is, it still needs a beautiful Mi SU7 Price to set it off, so that more consumers will be willing to pay. Given Xiaomi’s past pricing, many people hope it will be 199,000. It’s just that this time Xiaomi has invested hugely, tens of billions in R&D, a team of 3,400 engineers, and high configurations.

Lei Jun admitted that it will not be Mi SU7 Price cheap, but it will not disappoint everyone. Because the car won’t be officially launched for several months. At present, the media generally believes that it is about 250,000-300,000. Judging from this Mi SU7 Price, compared with the cars currently on the market, it is still very impressive.

Mi SU7 Price

Benchmarking Excellence: Porsche and Tesla as Inspirations

As a new car model, the Xiaomi SU7 naturally requires a benchmark. This time Xiaomi chose Porsche and Tesla because Xiaomi cars belong to the most advanced mobile smart space, but after all, they are still in the automotive field. Therefore, in terms of driving performance, it should be on par with Porsche, and in terms of intelligent performance, it should be benchmarked against Tesla. Of course, Xiaomi also needs to integrate into its smart ecosystem. This is the key to driving change in the industry.

Unveiling Xiaomi’s 13 Years of Innovation: The Press Conference Agenda

This press conference will last about 3 hours. Lei Jun will show everyone, as much as possible, Xiaomi’s 13 years of technology accumulation and the various experiences it has encountered in building cars in the past few years. By integrating the consumer electronics industry with the automotive industry, I believe Xiaomi Auto will bring something even more amazing.

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