2024 Rivian Commercial Van Price Design & Spec
2024 Rivian Commercial Van Price Design & Spec

2024 Rivian Commercial Van Price Design & Spec


Rivian is now offering its 2024 Rivian Commercial Van (RCV) for sale outside of its former exclusive deal with Amazon. The 2024 Rivian Commercial Van comes in two models, the Delivery 500 and the larger Delivery 700. Virtually identical to the Amazon delivery vans already on the road as part of its captive fleet, the RCV shares the same friendly, minimal styling in the trademark grey, minus the blue. And the white corporate branding color scheme. The current RCV comes with the driver’s seat and a small flip-down jump seat as standard setup; Numerous shelving and flooring options are available through Rivian’s upfitter program to optimize the layout.

2024 Rivian Commercial Van

The front-wheel drive vans claim a range of 161 and 153 miles respectively, making them ideal for tight urban environments rather than long-distance deliveries. The obvious bugbears in this segment are Ford’s e-Transit and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The E-Transit offers less range (108-126 miles depending on model) and less maximum cargo space, but is much less expensive; The eSprinter offers comparable maximum payload and cargo space and starts around $10k less. Pricing for the Ram ProMaster EV has yet to be determined. Still, the 2024 Rivian Commercial Van has an easy roll-up rear door and a relaxed atmosphere that could appeal to creatives and startups building a new identity.

What’s New for 2024?

Rivian has recently opened its order books for sales beyond Amazon’s dedicated fleet, signaling a broader market entry.

2024 Rivian Commercial Van Price.

Prices for the 2024 Rivian commercial van start at $86,325 and go up to $90,325 depending on trim and options.

2024 Rivian Commercial Van EV Motor, Power and Performance

2024 Rivian Commercial Van

Rivian has done a good job of keeping the special features of the RCV’s front-mounted electric motor and attendant hardware under wraps. That said, it’s a good bet that publicly available RCVs will use the same in-house “enduro” electric motor that Amazon vans use.

2024 Rivian Commercial Van Towing and payload capacity

Delivery 500 offers 487 cubic feet of cargo volume, while Delivery 700 offers 652 cubic feet. The extra volume comes from the 700’s extended 178.0-inch wheelbase and a 278.0-inch overall length. Delivery 500 has a 157.5-inch wheelbase and a 248.5-inch overall length. Height measures 114.7 inches for the 500 while the 700 grows to 114.8 inches tall. Maximum payload for the Delivery 500 is 2734 pounds and for the 700 is 2513.

2024 Rivian Commercial Van Range, charging and battery life

Rivian claims the Delivery 500 has a range of 161 miles and the longer Delivery 700 has a range of 153 miles. Both use a lithium-iron phosphate battery pack. We know that the vans are currently capable of both J1772 and CCS1 charging at speeds up to 100 kW, but Rivian hasn’t said if RCV will convert to NACS.

2024 Rivian Commercial Van Interior, comfort, and cargo

The 2024 Rivian Commercial Van’s cockpit was designed with delivery drivers in mind, and Rivian even consulted with Amazon employees during development to ensure it meets user needs. The seat is designed to reduce fatigue and has thermal and ventilation features. The steering wheel is heated as well, and a vent is integrated into the wall behind the seat to bring warm or cool air directly from the climate control system to where it’s needed most.

2024 Rivian Commercial Van

The bulkhead door between the cabin and cargo area closes automatically when the driver locks the van, and even the keyfob is specially designed for ease of use. With upward-facing buttons that are easy to press when the fob is clipped into a pocket. Often when accompanied by a second rider, the passenger side has a flip-down jump seat; Underneath, Rivian has integrated a built-in first aid kit.

2024 Rivian Commercial Van Infotainment and connectivity

The dashboard has two large display screens, one serving as the digital gauge cluster and the other as the infotainment touchscreen. The software interface is essentially the same thing you’ll find on the Rivian R1T and R1S models. A 360-degree camera system displays images on a central screen to help maneuver in tight, city environments.

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